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Smoking etiquette/smoke drifting from one house to the next

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Need a little more info. Is this for home use or commercial use? When you state 40 inches, do you mean

height, width, grill size or ? What capacity or how much food do you intend to smoke at one time? Let us know

so we can better understand your needs.


BTW - Welcome to the forum.

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Smoker smoke is an assault on who ever feels they don't want the greasy stinking cloud of someone elses 

desires on their property. Smoking dead animal meat isnt a right. If your neighbor is that rude and doesnt understand 

the smoke is offensive to you and they can't just move the thing so it isnt effecting your home here is what you could do. 

Get an extra large can of skunk spray and when the stinking smell of burning flesh fills your house with smoke, give them a good dose of skunk and just explain thats the way you like to smell. Or you could check local codes there should be something you could use there. File a civil suit. Its called a private nuisance or "loss of peaceful enjoyment of your property"

I have the same problem and it is a problem. 

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I could not decide whether or not to approve the previous post here or not in light of its nature.  I decided to approve it and then lock the thread.  There are two sides to any issue and I fully understand that.  But I also understand exactly what would happen in this thread after approving this post.  


It's obvious to me that the previous poster is not here to participate in our forum so I figured it was best to just stop it here.

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