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Cooked at 225ish on the grate until the IT hit 110 the moved it to the rack and cooked at 450 until the IT hit 130. I was too lazy to pull it off and set up for the reverse sear. I wrapped it and let it rest while enjoying a few too many barley pops and lost track of time. IT was 145 when i sliced it

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Tri-tip has really become one of our favorites....I do a basic black/white rub, indirect at 225° or so until IT is around 115...then go to direct for a quick sear and nice crust


I slice it thin across the grain and use it for taco's one night and then hot roast beef sandwiches the next night....the flavor of a Tri-tip is VERY hard to beat...they don't call it the "poor man's prime rib" for nothing!!

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