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Kamado Joe Top Vent - Details and Photos

John Setzler

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Here are some detailed views of the new Kamado Joe top vent design.... 




The design is made of cast aluminum and it is powdercoated black.  It is designed to accomplish a few different tasks.  It will keep rain/water from falling into the grill through the top vent.  It will also offer airflow control from a level of VERY low flow to VERY high flow with several different configuration setups...




The slider has a tab on each side where you can slide left/right to open/close the air vent from a very small to a very large opening...






This opening you see here is duplicated on the opposite side of the vent... so there is a front/rear opening created by sliding this tab to the left or right.  This setup gives you a very wide range of air flow options through the grill.  In the fully open slider position, you can get your grill temps up over 600 degrees.




The rotating slider will lift off the base if you want to create a full force airflow.  This can be useful when you first light the fire if you want to bring the temperature up quickly.




You may also rotate the vent to the side on a pivot hinge the same way the existing daisy wheel slides to the side...




This photo shows the new and existing design side by side.  The new design is slightly taller than the old and it will give the Kamado Joe profile a more distinctive look.






These two photos show the new vent on the Classic and then on the Big Joe grills...


I got the opportunity to cook with this vent on a Big Joe all day on Thursday this past week.  I was quite impressed with how well it performed.   I can't wait to see this product roll out.  



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That vent looks awesome. I am looking forward to seeing them on Jr, classic and Big Joe. Keeping my fingers crossed for 2017.

I dont believe this will be on the jr. I will have to inquire about that butnas far as i know it will the classic and big joe only.

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