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Sunday Dinner - Osso Bucco with Saffron Risotto alla Cgriller

Another family favorite moved from the kitchen to the Joe Classic.

Some key ingredients:


Thick cut Veal Shanks


Garden Fresh Veggies - Carrots, Celery, Onion, Shallot, and Italian Parsley


and don't forget some Arborio Rice, Pesto, Italian Tomatoes, Porcini and Garlic Infused Olive Oil, and last but not least, Saffron threads.


Placed on the Joe around 325 degrees.


Ready for a couple hours of bubbling goodness.





Time to get the risotto going.


Pulled the veal and let the sauce reduce.



Topped with a gremolata, added some crusty bread and a glass of Pinot Grigio, and dinner is served.

Thanks for taking a peek.

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Sunday Dinner - Osso Bucco with Saffron Risotto alla Cgriller Another family favorite moved from the kitchen to the Joe Classic. Some key ingredients: Thick cut Veal Shanks Garden Fresh Veggie

Your welcome. Having only made it once, I didn't know that purists don't add tomato. The recipe I used (from an Italian woman) called for both tomato paste and crushed tomatoes.   Note: I just  revi

That's a nice artcile - thanks for the link.

Outstanding cook. That is my kind of meal. I love saffron. Unfortunately my son hates it and Mrs skreef can take it or leave it.

I force saffron cooks on them every once in a while. Hey everybody knows where the kitchen is.

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Thanks Ckreef. Saffron is one of those things like cilantro. Some people love it, some people hate it, and for others it is something that grows on them. For me it adds a depth of flavor to the risotto that no other spice can.

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Excellent cook Cgriller. :good: :good: :good:


I like that yours wasn't entirely a tomato based sauce like the one I made. Mine was very red where yours is somewhat orange.

Thanks DH. As you know purists don't add tomatoes at all. They think it over powers the gremolata and the saffron but my family likes it so in they go. I've used both fresh roma and canned San Marzano but prefer the canned. Another non traditional ingredient we like to add is the pesto.

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