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Simple Sous Vide Rum Poached Apple Dessert


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A Simple Sous Vide Rum Poached Apple Dessert


My Anova Precision Cooker WiFi & Bluetooth circulator arrived at the door today as dinner was being prepared.  I abandoned dinner (chicken tacos) to my capable son and just had to play with the new cooking toy.


Here's what happened:




After unpacking and fiddling around with it including configuring for Bluetooth and WiFi and testing how long it took to heat a gallon and half of tap water to 170 degrees, I just HAD to cook something – anything.. anything....  Hummm… apples!




Used three apples peeled, cored, and sliced into wedges.  Added 2 Tbs coconut sugar, a measure of cinnamon, a pinch or two of nutmeg and…and… and,, aha… 3 Tbs plus an extra squirt of black rum.






Sealed in quart bag removing the air.  Devised a cajun swamp engineering hold-down using a spider and a bulldog clip for the bag that wanted to float and set cook time using the phone app for 2H15 minutes.  Fell asleep in the chair during the cook and wound up cooking it for almost 2H30.  No big deal.





The result… light, not too sweet, firm and still slightly crunchy poached apples with a delicious sauce.  The flavor of the rum really stayed intact.  Finish with a pinch of salt before serving.  A much different result from cooking in an open pot.  A nice balance for a late evening treat.  





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