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Should I Seal This?

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Think that'll withstand high heat cooks? I have been reverse searing at around 550 or so. Wonder how hot it gets on that part of the grill?

That low on the Akron the temperature shouldn't get as high as grate temp. It's made for high temp auto applications. Definitely better than any normal silicone. That's what I would use.

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Doesn't look that bad to me - but sure - seal her up, and I use JB Weld... great thing is it dries almost to the exact color of the Akorn.


Toothpicks did the trick for me - roll some one and glide it over the offending location(s)...


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This is what I use - Permatex High Temp Red RTV, which by the way is NSF acceptable for incidental food contact... Not that it will..


Here is the product link:




Here is the Technical Data Sheet:




Here is the list of Permatex NSF Rated products. The  High Temp Red is NSF/ANSI STANDARD 51 Food Equipment Materials ...(indirectly around food )




I use it for various Kamado aspects - particularly for making strain reliefs and sealing the leads on the Maverick temperature probes (both the food and grilling temp probes) where they enter the temperature sensor tube.  Adds mechanical strength for the braided wire bending and assists in keeping water out.


 Also good for gasketing/sealing areas such as you need to do.


They also make Permatex Ultra Copper Maximum Temperature which is slightly higher temperature rating (like 700  degrees intermittent) but not NSF rated.


Either should do what you want - and the Permatex High Temp Red RTV is what I would get if I only bought one type,  the red is good for 600 degrees continuous per the technical data sheet.


Great product, BTW 

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