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First Look - FireDisc Grill

John Setzler

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I have decided to use this First Look at the FireDisc Grill to introduce you guys to this grill and to my new personal outdoor cooking sites:


Flavored by Fire

Flavored by Fire - Facebook


I was recently in Chicago at the Ace Hardware show and stumbled across this eye-catching grill concept that made me really think a bit...  It's more of a stand-along stir fry, searing, and deep frying station than a grill so I just had to get one on the way.  




CLICK HERE to see more photos and read my First Look review....





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How do you think the FireDisc will do on a windy day?

I bought a fish fryer that I can't keep lit when it's windy, which is most days on my patio. So that thing proved to be downright worthless.

I'd love to have something outside to use for frying, among other things.

Thanks, John. 

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Looks really nice. I like the way the two planes of the stand slide together like that, very cool, very sturdy looking! How is the burner attached to the stand? Is there a bolt or some attachment point on bottom of center of the burner? If it is attached there, with the gas stem going through the side of the stand, that wold be a really solid/safe set-up. If it's not firmly attached in the center, I would be concerned with knocking it around when setting up and breaking down and transporting the stand to any off-site location.

I guess I wrongly assumed or missed dimensions from their website, but I someho had it in my head that the disk was 36" across. I guess the 36" includes the span of the two handles beyond the disk. I'll hold off buying one for now, until I can see your review after using it a time or two.

Very impressive looking website you've got there too, John! Can't wait to see what you do with that!

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John that looks extremely well made especially the stand. The portability looks to be top notch. It looks like about a minute from pulling it out of the car to lightning it. If I did a lot of park picnic cooking or camping --then it would be a must have.


I hope you are able to do some videos of it in action.

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John, is there enough cooking area? I saw a few people use discadas over open flame when I lived in Tucson and the fire disc seems like it would be super hot in one small area and cold on the outside. Temperature gradient is the idea, but not quite that steep. I think its steel which would heat and cool quickly? So no distribute?

It does look like its built like a tank and pretty portable.

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