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Lamb riblet chops with roasted tomato and onion wild rice and greek yogurt sauce

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Well my friends, if you follow my cooks you know I love cooks which reflect the flavors of the Med. What glorious,  yet simple cuisine,  that is so exceedingly pleasing to the palate. This challenge was a welcomed call to like Nike says, "just Do It". As such, I did not use a specific recipe but just composed everything I would cook in my head. Now, In all honesty. the stuff in my head has certainly come from a collection of Med recipes that  I have cooked and read, so I really can't say I made this stuff up even though I didn't follow a specific recipe.


The flavor behind the taste and quality of Med dishes  IMO is fresh, high quality ingredients. So I started with the best quality fresh produce I could find in the market. 




The holly grail protein in Med cooking, at least the Greek / Middle Eastern part of the Med that I have fallen in love with, is lamb. So I started with a Rack of Lamb. Based on the sage advise of my Aussie lamb whisper,  Joe, I cut the rack into individual riblet chops prior to cooking. This makes perfect sense. If you cook a leg of lamb and serve it to your family, they all fight over the crusty end cuts. Therefore, if you cut the rack into individual chops prior to cooking, each lovely chop  is a crusty  end cut. 






I slathered the lamb Riblet chops in good olive oil and then made a rub consisting of fresh Rosemary , Thyme, and Greek Oregano from my garden; to that  i added minced garlic and Spanish Smoked Paprika, and lemon zest, along with some kosher salt..




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I set the table




Tossed some Roma Tomatoes and a Sweet Onion slathered in olive oil and garlic and herbs and wrapped in a couple layers of foil on the grill



You have to watch the tomatoes. You want them charred but not burnt. They make the transition between the two rather quickly. 




When the tomatoes were perfect, I tossed on the lamb riblet chops. 




I for one just love the whole kamado cooking experience. it gives me great peace and relaxation even though i guess cooking is work, but truly a labor of love. 



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