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My name is Will Christopher and I am new to both the Kamado Guru forum and cooking with a Kamado in general.

I live in Roswell, Ga and have been an avid griller for over 40 years, mostly with charcoal and gas. One of my most recent grills was a cheap charcoal smoker, one of those round ones that can hold 1 large turkey or a couple of boston butts. I have had very good luck with these grills and have gone through several of them over the years.  My other grill for about 20 years has been a Weber Natural Gas model that does an excellent job when I want to just fire it up quickly for a couple of burgers or a steak as well as numerous vegetables and whatever.  Weber makes a great product.

I just turned 72 this year and had been looking to replace the Weber with something newer when I stumbled across an ad for the Vision Hybrid which seemed to be a good combination of a gas and charcoal grill.  I had been eying the Big Green Egg and the Kamado Joe but since both were limited to charcoal only and expensive, I had not considered them seriously. I really like smoking and would have done more if it were not so time-consuming having to watch the smoker all during the process and adding charcoal or making adjustments where necessary.  With all this in mind, the Vision Hybrid seemed to fit the bill.

I finally bit the bullet and found myself with a brand new Vision Professional S Hybrid purchased from Home Depot. You can check my post later on with details of the assembly and first cook with the new unit. I am hoping that this grill will last me for another 30 years.

I have been surfing this forum intensively for the past few days and have found tons of very helpful information on setup, cooking, recipes, and temperature control with my unit. This is an outstanding forum and I plan to use it and contribute to it as much as possible.



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