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Beef short ribs....how do I know when they are ready?


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I'm trying short ribs for the first time on the grill. I guess the part I'm unsure of is how to tell when they are ready.

From what I read they will get tender, but if you keep going they will get tougher again as opposed to getting more tender and mushy. Is they correct?

So how can I know when they are as tender as they will get?



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Those short ribs look fantastic. What temp did you pull them at?

After about 3.5 hrs they were only around 160 or so so I wrapped them with a bit of apple juice and let the temp climb to maybe 270 and left them another hour. After that I checked a few and they were about 200 so I pulled them off and let them sit in the foil for maybe 10 or 15 mins. They might have gotten more tender with a bit more time but they were good. They had a bite to the meat, not melt in your mouth, but not rubbery.

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