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Steak Firecrackers - pic heavy ;-)


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My What's your "Beef"  entry. 

Steak Firecrackers 

Kung Pao marinated NY strips wrapped around firecracker marinated U-12 shrimp. Saffron rice and garden salad with raspberry dressing. 

This is a play on regular Firecracker Shrimp using steak for the wrap instead of wonton wrappers. 

Salad ingredients excluding the greens. Making the raspberry dressing. 




Saffron rice ingredients. When using saffron crush it and allow to bloom in water for 15 minutes. Currents were put in warm water to help them rehydrate. 




The shrimp and ingredients for the marinade. 




You prep the shrimp by pealing them leaving the tails on then devain them. On the bottom side cut 4 or 5 slits which helps them to not curl up when cooked. After I got them prepped into the marinade they went. 





Cooked in my Grill basket in Prometheus. I also took the marinade, added some sweet chilli sauce and reduced it down to make a dredge sauce. 




NY strip steaks cut 1/4" thick. Ingredients to make the marinade. 




I trimmed the steaks and squared them up. Pounded as flat as possible. Once done into the marinade they went. 






Dip the shrimp in the dredge sauce then roll it up and tie it off. Nine Steak Firecrackers ready to go. 





Seared on a 500* CI griddle. Served family style with the salad in the middle. A lot of work but very tasty. Thanks for looking. 




Saffron note: everybody thinks saffron is really, really expensive. But not really. Saffron is a very strong spice and it only takes one small pinch in a recipe. I bought 2 grams for $16 with free shipping. You get about 3 pinches per gram so less than $3 everytime you use it and the flavor is definitely worth $3.

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10 minutes ago, Mr Cue said:

Wow, you've always got an ace up your sleeve, Charles! 

TY Mr Cue - I was going to do something different but then this just came to me. I love firecracker shrimp and how could I improve them? Wrap with steak instead of wonton wrappers of course B)

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31 minutes ago, wickedcajun said:

I likey!!! Might have to move to the bistro instead of Aussie Joe's... Is closer and food looks just as good!!

I appreciate that wickedcajun but I think I'd pick Aussie Joe's over my own house - LOL 

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46 minutes ago, rogerfromco said:

Those are so creative and look delicious!


21 minutes ago, DerHusker said:

Very creative ck and I'll bet they were delicious too! :good::good::good:


10 minutes ago, jackjumper101 said:

Beautiful entry, ck.  Well worth the effort!!:good::good::good:

TY everyone - wanted to enter something different. I figured someone else will enter the standard beef cooks. 

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1 hour ago, bwarbiany said:

That's a great dish to kick off this month's challenge. Very inventive!


And I'll bet they tasted amazing too.

TY bwarbiany - had them all drooling at work when I showed them the pictures. 

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