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First Low and Slow on Big Joe - Chucker


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After a two week bbq hiatus (had to go and get married...) I got to do my first low and slow on the Big Joe. Kroger had chuck roast on sale and I didn't want to do something expensive for my first cook. So a 2.6 lb chucker it is! 

I had the day off to recuperate from my Honeymoon so I had the time and brought the grill up to temp slowly... Way more slowly than I anticipated I only used one Firestarter and it took almost 1.5 to get to about 230 grate temp with 1.5 inches open on the bottom and 2/3 daisy on the top. 

It was my first use of my (re-branded) Maverick 733 and the grate temp was always 30-50 higher than the dome temp - not sure if it's maybe a calibration issue but it would make sense - I cooked some cedar plank salmon recently and got tons of coagulated protein, something that never happens on the Weber and is a sign of cooking salmon too fast.  I also used a Thermoworks Alarm probe because I wanted to learn the intricacies of my new thermometer vs something I knew. The maverick read about the same as the Thermoworks.  The maverick is so handy it's amazing, I will be using it exclusively unless I have a need to measure three temps (which is rare). 

Ok, for the chucker I used a beef rub similar to what I use for steaks for with a bit more cayenne and kosher and I applied more liberally. 

I intended to smoke @~250 to 175... But couldn't get through the stall so at 165 after 5 hrs so I transferred to a pain with water/beer/garlic &  veggies, foiled the top and let the heat rise to about 295. That pushed it right through the stall after a 20 minute drop of the IT to 150 or so.  I checked at 195 and it wasn't tender enough so I let it go until 204 and it seemed probe tender. I then got the Joe to 375 or so and threw on some bread while the mains rested. 

The dinner was very good, but the thicker part orbthe chuck wasn't as tender as I had hoped and was slightly dry... Maybe it was more lean there than I even realized? Did it need more than 204 (that's where I had the probes)? Anyway, the process was a ton of fun and I'm ready for the next cook! 


Having picture upload issues... Will add shortly. 






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Good job on that cook!

Grate temp is typically (for some illogical reason) ~50F hotter than dome temp.  Those dome thermometers are usually more accurate than most people give them credit for, though they take longer to get to their correct temp reading.  

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