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First Go at Pizza! That was a quick learning curve!

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After doing plenty of reading beforehand, I stoked up the coals and tried my hand a pizza this evening. 


The first pie was sticking on a baking sheet and didn't want to slide off. After some looking, I was able to get a peel substitute and solved one problem and increased the amount of cornmeal on all surfaces. 


Here is is the progression of pies:

basic cheese and sauce

cheese, pesto sauce and half salami 

cheese, salami, chicken breast, broccoli, pancetta, jalapeño, garlic, sauce and more mozzarella cheese (my creation). 


By by the time the last pizza was coming off, the crust was super crispy at the edge (oil brushed) and the center was chewy



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Anyone can prepare awesome pizzas at home. Home made pizzas from prepared dough is a quick dinner fo the week. The procedure is simple, choose your size and style . Pizza dough can be prepared in few simple steps, first proof the yeast, then knead the pizza dough . Roll the doughon to a piece of parchment paper, top the pizaa, bake the pizza, slice and serve. Grill would be  agreat option for flavour and extra-crispy crust. Check for some tips at http://www.freshslice.com/take-and-bake/.  PIle cheese , or go for veg for  ahealthier midweek meal. Innovate with these basic recipe tips.

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