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John Setzler

Taco Soup - Healthy Recipe

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I recently started using the MyFitnessPal app to track my food and calorie intake.  Their blog has some interesting recipes pop up occasionally.  I saw this one come up a few days ago for Turkey Taco Soup and I wanted to give it at try.  My girlfriend won't eat turkey so I substituted lean ground beef in this recipe... the Ingredients and nutritional information are as follows:




I heated up my stock pot and then added the olive oil.  I put in the onions and sauteed them for about 5 minutes.  Then I added the garlic and green peppers and sauteed for another minute or so.  Then in with the ground beef until it was browned, stirring constantly.  After that, I added the rest of the ingredients, brought it to a boil and then reduced to a simmer with the lid on.  I tasted this after simmering covered for about 20 minutes and decided it needed a little additional salt.  I added 1 teaspoon of salt and maybe a quarter teaspoon cracked black pepper and let it simmer some more.  

One serving of this is about 2 cups, so a meal for me is about 1.5 servings or 3 cups....

You can garnish this with tortilla chips, green onions, cheese, sour cream or anything else you might like.  The flavor of this one is pretty good!

Note:  The Bush item is Black Beans and this recipe also measured out to 5 2-cup servings which would make it 420 calories per serving...



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Recipe just says "Bush" -- we assume that be beans?

Wife makes a very similar, but usually ad libs it depending on what we have on hand.  A very hearty, filling soup for the cool fall & winter months!

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5 minutes ago, bcrgrill said:

Recipe just says "Bush" -- we assume that be beans?

Wife makes a very similar, but usually ad libs it depending on what we have on hand.  A very hearty, filling soup for the cool fall & winter months!

Opps.. I need to fix that.. shoudl be black beans...

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John...just curious...why do you keep your booze and liquor by the stove top ? I like to keep mine handy as well but that seems

like a tough environment !

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I was very impressed with the results overall.  I'm sort of excited about trying the leftovers.  This feels like one of those recipes that will be better the second time around after being frozen.  Several of my chili and pasta sauce recipes seem to improve with some time in the freezer.. not sure how or why that happens.  Maybe it's my imagination.  I'll be making another round of this soon.  I'll be making a double batch and I plan to cook it on the FireDisc grill outside.. i think this will be a fun cook on that!

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      Thanks for looking.
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