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19" KK - No Stir Experiment


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Thought I would bring back a little fun from days gone by. 

Using a 19" KK table top model and Royal Oak lump I want to see how many cooks I can do without stirring the old lump before it clogs up and causes temperature problems. 

Started by cleaning out the KK and opening a new 17 lb bag of RO. I filled the firebox by dumping straight from the bag. Each subsequent cook I'll take a peak at the leftover lump and WITHOUT stirring it just top it off by dumping straight from the bag. 

I think I'll be able to go through at least 2 x 17 lb bags of RO before running into issues. We shall find out. 

Here is cook number 1.







Here is cook number 2 with the lump leftover from the previous cook. 






Here is cook number 3 with the leftover lump from the previous cook. 






Check back often to see where this experiment goes. 



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54 minutes ago, SmoovD said:


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13 minutes ago, HalfSmoke said:

Nice! Can't wait to see the result of this. 

In the past I had a good time doing different lump experiments with my Akorns. Figured it was time to run some experiments on my KK's. This should be a good one until it eventually fails and I half ruin dinner that night - LOL 

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5 minutes ago, dsarcher said:

Interesting test. Looking forward to the results, but more looking forward to the pictures of your cooks.

Through all this I'll still post full cook threads on my more interesting cooks. This experiment post will get you a glimpse of some of the more normal kamado cooks I do that I wouldn't normally post. I also still do a lot of cooking on my 16". Maybe after this experiment is over I'll do the same thing on the 16" and see where that ends up. 

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31 minutes ago, rchang72 said:

Ckreef I am not familiar with KK. I assume you are cleaning out the ash that drops straight down.

I did clean it out but only before cook number 1. After that it's no cleaning and no stirring the leftover lump. My 19" KK has a fairly large area in the bottom to hold ash. 

There are really 2 issues we are dealing with in this experiment. 

1) The leftover ash in the lump basket (since I didn't stir it) restricting air flow. I don't think this is going to be a problem since the act of dumping straight from the bag probably knocks some of the ash out of the lump basket. 

2) The ash build up in the bottom below the lump basket. Eventually that is going to fill up and cause air flow issues. 

Regardless of how this turns out should be fun. Going to try and do a low-n-slow cook before the experiment ends (maybe next weekend). That should really test issue number 1.

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14 hours ago, ckreef said:


In the past I had a good time doing different lump experiments with my Akorns. Figured it was time to run some experiments on my KK's. This should be a good one until it eventually fails and I half ruin dinner that night - LOL 

"Half-ruin dinner"...  WHAT-EVZ as my niece would say.  I'm pretty sure you could turn a 90% 'ruined' meal into something darn tasty.  

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On 10/17/2016 at 9:56 AM, JayhawkPharmer said:

"Half-ruin dinner"...  WHAT-EVZ as my niece would say.  I'm pretty sure you could turn a 90% 'ruined' meal into something darn tasty.  

TY @JayhawkPharmer but I can ruin a cook like the best of them. They have been known to hit the circular file in the past. 


For now on I'll skip the pouring lump picture unless it really enhances the post. All lump is poured directly from the bag. 

Cook number 5. 





Cook number 6.







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7 hours ago, rchang72 said:

Aside from the no stir, I'm amazed at the variety of cooks you do on your KK

TY rchang72 - I'll cook almost anything on the KK. Mostly it all works, some things you need to manage a little differently compared to inside the house. 

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