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Possible Phishing Scam with Egg Ads on Craigslist


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Like most people, i appreciate a deal when i can get one and have no problem buying second hand.  Craigslist is a great place to find them but can be a huge pain. This is how i got my 2nd egg and have been looking for either a Primo XL as a replacement or another L/XL egg so i can give one to my dad for Christmas.  I know these don't show up often so i've found it strange that in the past 1.5 weeks, over (4) XL BGEs have popped up on Craigslist San Diego area, all for the about a 1/3 of retail cost and all having similar worded ads.  I've checked them all out and not a single one has responded within a few days and that's with repeated contacts.  I'm pretty sure they are just collecting emails/phone numbers so keep that in mind.    

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Scammers have now set up SEVERAL web sites using Big Green Egg’s actual product page and then showing prices at 70 - 80% off, making nearly every grill and included accessories available for less than $100.  I was suckered in by the idea that even if it was a scam, I would be protected by PayPal (their only accepted method of payment) if this turned out to be too good to be true.


My payment was processed nearly immediately and an account was set up under my email address with an order & confirmation number.   When I went back the next day, the account did not show up under my email & after setting it up a second time, there was no record of my order.


I immediately smelled a rat and filed a dispute with PayPal.  I received notice today my claim had been denied as this scammer has figured out a way to use and manipulate the USPS and their tracking number system.


PayPal advised my package had been delivered on Saturday “in or next to my mailbox”.  First of all - there’s no way this package would have fit “in” my mailbox.  Secondly, our mailman would bring a package this size to our porch & ring our doorbell.  We were home at the “supposed” time of delivery and this did not happen.


Now, the burden of proof is with ME to acquire information from the USPS advising the tracking number is fake and no delivery was ever made.  I have already filed an inquiry with them, but knowing their record, they’ll very likely advise the tracking number was / is valid and the package WAS delivered.


I’ll then very likely have to go to my branch post office and file a claim directly with them to prove this entire transaction was BS.


And that’s exactly what this clown scammer wants.  He KNOWS a good deal of people won’t go through all of this just to recover a lousy $94.  But in my case, he’s 100% wrong.


I actually even contacted Big Green Egg corporate and they are aware of these site and are filing injunctions to get them taken down.


Just thought I’d let as many people as I know that these “outlet” or “discount” sites are a COMPLETE SCAM.  DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY ON THEM!!!

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My rules of thumb are:


  • If it's too good to be true, it probably is.
  • For Craigslist, only buy/sell face to face, and only pay/accept cash.
    • When meeting up for the buy, carry a gun.
    • Alternatively, meet at a police station. The local police encourage that here.
  • For online retail, only buy from reputable dealers.
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Just to update my case, I DID receive notification back from my local post office that the package associated with the tracking number this criminal provided was only 20 oz (a bit light for a full sized grill w/ table) and was not even addressed to me or my street.  I immediately re-contacted PayPal to find out where to forward this email but not so fast.  They now advised the case could not be reopened and I should file a dispute with my credit card company.  I called BS as I had previously been told by PayPal the case could indeed be reopened and the last time I filed a dispute with Discover over another claim PayPal had denied, Discover ALSO denied it, advising they were simply an “agent” who had made this payment that I authorized to PayPal.  After several more times being put on hold, PayPal finally agreed to reopen the case and within a few hours I received word the full amount would be credited to my Discover account.  That credit did show up today.  These Big Green Egg discount sites are STILL active, so buyer beware. THEY ARE A SCAM!!!

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