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Taco Soup - FireDisc Grill

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    • By CentralTexBBQ
      Okay so, this isn't quite a Kamado cook. It's in preparation of a Kamado cook because:
      It's going to be below freezing when I start the brisket Friday 1am. Who buys soup anymore?  
      Ingredients- shallots, butternut squash, carrots, onion, Roma tomatos, garlic (all fairly fine to medium diced), rosemary, sprouts of Brussel and various spices and peppers





      Sweated the shallots and the vegetables in a little butter and avacado oil; added 1/4 liquid to establish a broth. Will refrigerate and finish tomorrow afternoon

    • By Dub
      Long day at work yessaday.
      No lies....it sucked and was a grind.
      Made it through and finally made it to my truck for the ride home.
      Called into headquarters and spoke with my son about dinner plans.  We both agreed that tacos sounded great.
      Made it home and pulled apart the leftover jerk chicken and chuck roast.   Put in a pot with some taco seasoning & beer and let it simmer a while.
      Had 6 soft shells and 6 hard shells on hand.
      Frijoles, cheese and sauce in between the layers.


      He killed these four and then grabbed up one of the remaining two.  I made off with the lone taco and it was mighty good.

    • By Dub
      Had today off.
      Family was sleeping late......figured I'd sneak up a meal on them.
      After all....I"d been up since way before dawn and sipping good coffee.
      Started off with some shredded up beef.

      Onions, bacon and garlic in the pot......cooked down a while and then added the beef.

      Usual suspects lined up for the chore.


      Kitchen tunes engaged......


      So much better than ground beef !

      Appetizer served up just prior to meal.

      Refried beans & cheeses came up next....

      Okay.....they were ready for the real eats......some were dressed out with toppings....some were just eaten as is....no pics of the finished product...sorry.
      Pepper jack, sharp cheddar, queso and frijoles in between the outer & inner shells.

    • By philpom
      This is a wonderful savory and satisfying soup.  This recipe will make 2 meal size servings or 4 side servings.
      1 large green bell pepper
      1 large red bell pepper
      1 small onion
      2 medium yellow squash
      3/4 cup fresh small broccoli florets 
      4 oz of cooked breakfast sausage (pre-cooked weight)
      1 1/3 cups of milk
      1 1/3 cups of water
      2 beef bullion cubes
      black pepper and cayenne pepper to taste
      Slice and steam the squash, you want it mushy.  Slice the peppers and onions and saute in oil until tender but not over done.  Now combine everything in to a medium pan and slowly bring to a slow boil stirring often.  Reduce temp and simmer until the broccoli is tender.  Serve hot and top with grated hard cheese such as Parmesan.  Enjoy!
    • By Smokehowze
      Mardi Gras Soup

      I call this one Mardi Gras Soup because the genesis was leftover corn and new potatoes cooked with the crawfish boil fixed for Mardi Gras this past week.    Unfortunately there were no leftover crawfish to peel and add to the soup – which would have been a great extra ingredient.

      As I was making the soup, Mrs. Smokehowze passed by and asked what I was fixing.  At that moment looking at the red and green bell peppers and the corn in the pot my immediate reply was “Mardi Gras Soup” as I was reminded a lot of many of the Mardi Gras colors.  
      Oops! Can't forget a crawfish photo.  They were especially good even this early in the season as conditions for crawfish development in Louisiana have been excellent so far.

      The basics in this simple yet tasty soup is red and green bell peppers, chopped green onions, chopped white onion, some of the garlic toes that were cooked in the boil water all sweated down in butter and a touch of olive oil then the addition of some flour to make a quick white roux.  Followed by 2% milk and a bit of half & half to get the stock underway - how much ? - use what seems right for the amount of ingredients.   Don't forget to add a good tablespoon or so of Better-Than-Bouillon chicken base for further flavor.

      Having previously made some mashed potatoes from those cooked in the boil, some of that also went into the pot as additional thickener and part of the stock base.  Let the flavor develop for a while – stirring often and monitoring the heat -do not boil it.

      In the meantime, cut the corn kernels off the corn cobs.  When the stock has well developed, add the corn and continue to let it build flavor and heat the corn completely.  Since it is already cooked you do not want to overcook which is why it is added near the end.  Some Louisiana hot sauce and a pinch of a Cajun seasoning is all that is left to add.

      Adjust flavors further as desired.  Also stir in some fine chopped parsley at the end after removing from the heat.

      Serve with some Ritz crackers as a Mardi Gras "doubloon" garnish.

      That was some more else good eatin there, I guarantee.

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