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Coffee grinder??


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I did a LOT of research on coffee grinders. You can go cheap or expensive with the burr grinders. They are not all the same.

You will get a lot of great advice on here. Some people really like their coffee on here and are experts on the subject.

The shape on the burrs makes a difference on how much they heat up and how fast they grind. It also affects the evenness or consistency of the ground coffee. Some put out dust with the pieces at any setting.

The speed that they turn also makes a difference.

If the motor is weak then they run the burrs faster to make up for it and the beans get heated. A DC motor is supposed to have more torque at low speeds and gives a better grind.

Some people complained about plastic gears and there not being any replacement gears--thus making it a throw away grinder.That is what happened to our other grinder. The wife propped it against  something to hold the container in, turned the timer dial all the way and walked away. It ground until it filled up and then stripped the plastic gears.

You can weigh your coffee each time to get the same results or you can buy a grinder that weighs it automatically.

The cost can climb very fast and it seems that  most of them have people who do not like that particular grinder.

The OXO Coffee grinder has a good set of grinding burs. It has a DC motor that runs at a lower speed.

Most of the people who have one really like it except for those who had problems with the scale. If the scale does not work then you have to grind manually and its appeal drops significantly because it is made to operate from the scale.

Many people complained about OXO not putting service behind the two year warranty if problems developed.

Knowing that I went ahead and bought one because those who have problems are much more likely to list a complaint and there were still a lot of positive reviews. One time ours did need to be unplugged to re-set. It does not like to be pushed around on the counter from the top. Another time it lost is tare setting and the instructions are right on the machine below the metal plate that the grounds container sit on. It was a quick fix.

In all we love ours about a year later. You just dial in the number of cups you are making and it grinds exactly that amount time after time. There is even a plus and minus  button to tweak the amount to get exactly what you want.

The best deal we found was to purchase on line from Bed Bath and Beyond with their single item one time discount.

Here is the Amazon link.


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I'll offer an alternative to the OXO grinder, which is I am sure a great grinder but very pricey.

I bought this Cuisinart burr grinder about a month ago and it sees daily use and has not disappointed me in the slightest:



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I need to see the answers to some of the questions posted this this thread already. 

I am assuming you could get away with something in the $100-200 range. You might try  forums like sweetmarias or coffee geek. 

I have a rocky ranchillo grinder from my espresso days that I really like. 

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Several years ago I purchased a Kitchen Aid Burr grinder KCG07023r. It is adjustable to 15 different grind settings and will do everything from drip grinds to French espresso. This thing is an absolute horse with a metal case just like their stand mixer. Easy to clean and adjust. Fine tool, I use it every morning. Never an issue other than I dropped and broke the glass ground carafe. Easily replaced, they have parts for everything. $249.99 on Amazon. Well worth the money IMO. 

Poised and wanting to grind tomorrow morning. 


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I thought of a couple more things.

Some grinders have a plastic slide in cup that is loose. With this set up you either stand and hold the cup in as the grindre runs or put something against the cup to hold it. this got annoying for us in daily use.

Before the wife destroyed the Bodum by wedging it and over cranking the timer--we really liked it. We used it for a couple of years and judging by how hard and compacted the coffee was--those gears put up a real fight before expiring. It likely would have ran for years. Sadly there are no replacement gears available as the first one star review will tell you. Still it is a good grinder.

At  $70 it is a lot less money than most and it looks like they fixed the container moving out when it is used.


Before the Bodum we had and still have the Starbucks Barista and hated it. The coffee was slow to grind and again the cup came out the moment the grinder started.



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