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Uv light for dry ageing

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Not needed IMO. Temp is the big parameter that needs to be maintained. After a couple of days a crust is formed and nothing is getting in to the meat anyway . 

Don't over think it. Get your temperature right and it will work. 

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1 hour ago, canadiangriller said:

Thank you all for the advice it is all welcome 

Iam hoping this fridge is not to cold 

"Not to cold" is usually not the problem. Most mini fridges with a glass door are for either sodas or wine. In either case the majority can't get cold enough . 

You need to maintain a temperature between 33* and 39*. 32* and below and you are freezing your meat. 40* and above bad bacteria starts to grow . 

Humidity can play a part but only for maybe the first week so no real need to worry about that. 

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2 minutes ago, canadiangriller said:

Thanks for the advice 

Search me out. I have a mini fridge dry ageing cooler along with a couple of threads all about it. 

Also search out John Setzler he did a mini fridge just like mine and also has a thread or two about it. 

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This is what I use.   




It also has the benefit of having a USB to plug in a fan into. So my setup is easy, one thin extension cord to pluf the UV light into, then the fan goes into the UV light.  I am set.  I also own a Steak Ager, but the limitations on it are size.  I decided to just start to dry age in the open and I have the luxury of a full size garage fridge.  I use a rack on the large glass pyrex with Himalayan salt on the bottom and the UV Purifier and Fan.  I can dry age as large of a Primal cut as I like without having to trim it down.  

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