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Homemade storage unit - Wilburpan inspired


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I finally completed my storage unit. I kept trying to design something that used horizontal shelving then ultimately decided that @wilburpan had already designed exactly what I needed - vertical storage. His original thread is here:


I don't have 1/2 the tools, 1/3 of the patience, or 1/16 of the skills that Wilbur has, but I still managed to get this thing together without too many issues and, more importantly, I didn't even get a splinter!

No closeup pictures of my joints, they aren't nearly as tidy as Wilbur's. I'd never done half lap joints before and I did these all with my table saw - it worked well enough. I got better as I went. If you were to look at all of the joints, you could easily piece together the timeline of my build. lol

I'd also never ripped down a 2x8 into 2x4s. Doesn't seem like it would be, but it's very difficult to find 'half'. I don't have a planer, so I was stuck with my best attempt at 'half'. I probably should have cut a thin edge off of each side of the 8" width to give me non-rounded edges. Failing that, I should have made sure my flat edges were used in the best direction.

I made a few relatively minor changes from Wilbur's design. I put in a 2x4 under the center of each of the platforms (perpendicular to the top boards) so that I could put heavy objects on and not worry about the top boards sagging. Not sure if it was at all necessary, especially on the bottom, but it made me feel better to include them.

I also noticed way too late that my shelf frames are upside down from Wilbur's. The middle support should help with that mistake.

The second change was that I pegged the lap joints on the dividers - drilled two 1/4" hols and drove in dowels. Again, likely not necessary at all but I'd never done that before and it seemed like a good opportunity to practice.

Last, on the lower shelf, I notched out the outside edges of the frame and top boards so that the uprights weren't hanging outside of the top and bottom shelf. In other words, the unit is flush the whole way down both sides. If you look at Wilbur's, his uprights are 'outside' of the shelves. Not sure there is a difference either way structurally.

It took me three weekends working on and off to get this built. The wood, screws, and sealer cost me about $60. And I only had to message Wilbur once for assistance! ;)

Loaded in here are: the lower/sear grate, deflector, rotisserie basket and motor (in the bin) and smoking CI pot. Not loaded are: the main grate (unlikely this will ever find it's way to this storage bin, but it would fit if I need it to), upper grate, and baking stone (all three of which were in the grill working on some calzones for dinner).







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