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Cured Salmon, prep before smoking.

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11 hours ago, happidural said:

What are Rhulman's rules for cured salmon?

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For 1.5 pounds of salmon, it's fairly straight forward .5 cup kosher salt (125 grams), .25 c brown sugar (50 g), .25 c sugar (100g), 6 grams pink salt, and then spices of your choice.  I followed the basic recipe 3 grams each of white pepper, allspice, ground bay leaf, cloves, and mace.  Sometimes I've used less cloves and mace as both can be strong. Mix well, and coat both sides of the salmon (I removed the skins) heavily.  The dry rub turns to a salty brine rather quickly. Give it 36-48 hours, rinse well, pat dry, place in frig for 4-24 hours to develop a nice pellicle.  Cold smoke over wood of your choice ( I will use cherry for this one)  Cold smoke until you have the level of smoke you desire, the recipe recommends 6 hours.  I used hickory in the past and 2 hours was plenty.   Some like the hickory smokiness others didn't.  I'm thinking about 2 hours on one piece of salmon, and 4 hours on the other just to compare the two.

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Here's a photo at the 1 day point.  You can see by the color change in the rub, how much liquid has been released.  I flipped the package, and I will pull it tomorrow.  

In addition to the above prior post, since it can be salty tasting, I've soaked for up to 1hour in water with a water change at 30 minutes w/ good results.


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The salmon is cured, and taking a quick water bath for about 30 minutes.  When the salmon cures over 36-48 hours its firms-up.  With two pieces one is a little thinner than the other, the thinner portion of salmon is very firm, almost rigid in sections.  this is the firmness I've experience (just an observation really) .  Tomorrow is Cherry smoke time, 2 hours on one piece, 4 on the other.  I was hoping both would have similar firmness to allow for a better comparison between the two pieces.    Doesn't really matter, i'm sure it will taste good either way.




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Smoked Salmon with a charcuterie spread

The really fun part of Thanksgiving has become the appetizer spread before the main Thanksgiving dinner

Kamado prepared items:  Cured smoked salmon and fresh baked bread

Cured-Smoke Salmon served with:

Cured Meats:  Spicy soppressata, Serrano Ham, and Benton’s prosciutto, Seltzer’s Sweet Lebanon bologna

Assorted Cheeses: Smoked Gouda, midnight moon cheddar, cranberry cheddar, Stilton blue

Assorted Spreads/Dips:  Homemade herb dip /w garlic and EVOO, EVOO-Garlic-balsamic vinegar dip, Bacon-onion jam,  Bourbon-bacon-onion jam,  herbed butter.

Along w/ assorted crackers & Champagne cocktails,

Final appetizers include: a nice bowl of homemade Rosemary Cashews, and marinated artichoke hearts & mushrooms

Thankful spread DSCN7853.jpg

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3 hours ago, Beermachine said:

Looks killer good. I'll have to give that a try!

This is one of those times that lighter smoke from fruit wood worked really well.  The cherry wood was much better than  the hickory I've used I the past

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