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Chocolate Bourbon Pecan Pie


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I am not a baker, and I have never made a pie before.


And I screwed this pie up, too. But I'll make it again.


I found a recipe from BGE and since I was going to have the grill fired up for some chicken wings, I thought I would give this a shot for Thanksgiving practice. I found the recipe on BGE's site, and it's a few years old. The recipe is pretty simple. I'll save you a click if you don't want to download the PDF I linked to.

3 eggs, beaten.

5 table spoons of butter, melted

1 cup of dark corn syrup

1 cup of light brown sugar

1 cup of semi sweet chocolate chips

1 cup of chopped pecans

1 tablespoon of AP flour

1/4 cup of bourbon, plus extra for the cook (pit master's discretion)


Simply combine it all and put it in a pie shell. BGE recommended 400 degrees directly on the heat deflector for 45 minutes.That was too long, and too hot in my case. I also only had on hand a graham cracker crust. I wouldn't do that again, either. The bottom got scorched, and it burned a bit (I'm sure due to all the various sugars in the pie), but the combination of pecans, chocolate and bourbon was a for sure winner! 


I'm going to make this again this week, but I'll do it a little lower on the temp, and for less time and I'll keep a closer eye on it. I cooked on the grill grates, above the heat deflectors.


Like I said before, I have never, ever, made a pie before, but I will make this pie again and again. Once I get the recipe down, I'll share it again. 


I'd welcome any tips from those of you who bake on their kamados more often than I do, which is this one time. Thanks for reading!




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So.... I made it again, this time at a lower temp, for shorter time, and kept a closer eye on it. I kept the temps around 325-350, and I probed it with my Thermopop until the filling hit 165. Why 165? Because a cursory Google search told me that's what you bake a pecan pie to final temp. That's why.


I also did a standard pie crust (cheating, sure, but this is the second pie I have made), and at 350 for around 35-45 minutes, it was perfect. Absolutely. Perfect. 


There are no plated shots of the pie, as they disappeared as soon as they were dished out. This recipe is a keeper, folks. Thanks for looking!





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