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Making Cheddar Cheese with the Anova

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Just getting into cheese making so I barely know what I'm doing, but I have done my homework.

Started out by making (acidic mozzarella) turned out really good for my first and such a simple cheese using the Anova to control temps.


Here is the mozzarella balls in a brine. This step also confirmed that my local Meijer milk could be used to make cheese. Not all milk you buy will make cheese!

Making cheddar has more steps and takes longer.

I had my cooler set up and to temp before I bought the milk. The first thing I did was put milk in sink full of hot water to take chill off. Checking with my IR temp gun I got the temp up to about 70 deg. And then into the cooler that was set on 90, but turned down to target temp of 86 deg. when milk went in.


Knowing the temp would not get above 86 I didn't need to put the milk in a pan yet. The cooler milk soon lowered the temp of the water and in a little over a hour milk was at the perfect temp.


Checked the pH it was 5-6 perfect and into the pot.


After adding all the ingredients no problem holding the perfect temp.


The curd set and was cut, temp was also increased with just a little lag time.


Curds needed to be stirred continuously at prescribed temp, really glad I didn't have to watch and adjust temp.


When it was time curds went into the press, it was a tight fit to start.


Finally all together, took several times removing and flipping cheese.


This is what it looked like this morning. I trimmed it up, had to taste it too. Not much of a taste to it this early.


Here it is out of a 6 hour brine. It now has to air cure for 1 to 3 days then waxed. Suggested that it age at least 3 weeks up to 6 months or longer. That's why I cut the 2nd wheel in half, so I can check in 3 weeks and then hopefully in 3 months. The longer it ages the more sharp it will become.

Can't wait to do another one and will try cold smoking some before waxing.

I can say you don't do this to save money or time! My 2 pounds of cheese has about 8 hours of work in it. My first time making, so I expect the next to go smoother.

In my research I didn't find any reference to using sous vide to help make cheese. I think it really helped, but I can't compare to any other way......where did I put those crackers?

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Pic of my 4" cheese press that I forgot.
It will do up to 2 pounds, but I'm thinking of getting a 2nd one and just doing 1 pound in each.
The reason is my "cheese cave" is a 6 bottle wine cooler, limited space. You want 55deg to age cheese. The fridge is to cold and room temp is to hot. I used the wine cooler to keep my sourdough starter in and to retard dough in.

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Doesn't seem like anyone is interested in this subject, but I'll post anyway.
Took advantage of the discounts that Thermoworks were offering on the new Smoke and purchased one for my Acorn and my new hobby cheese making.
Being able to use use same tools in two fields of eatable production is a win/win.
Last weeks Cheddar cheese flipped and aging in the cheese cave (wine cooler).

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Thanks for some interest [emoji3]
My 2nd batch of cheddar cheese is in the press.
Made a little different, I used mesquite smoked kosher salt that I made a few months ago as the called for salt in the recipe.
Recipe was very predictable as it was same I used before. I felt much more comfortable and was able to cut almost 2 hours out of the process.
My son raises chickens, so I saved a gallon of the whey for him. I saved about a quart for myself to make bread with. Made rolls for our Thanksgiving using the whey and they were favorable different!
I found that just one layer of cheese cloth then the press follower makes for a much smoother top!
Pulled the cheese out several times and flipped, now it's a 12 hour (over night) press.
Texture feels good, yield looks better than last one, just hope I didn't mess it up using smoked salt.

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After brining and 2 days of air drying it forms a skin.
Next comes waxing, several options. I went with using two methods, cream wax and cheese wax.
This gets painted on, one coat and let dry.
I then paint on two coats of the cheese wax. It's now in cased in its own little environment.
My cheddar cheese production so far, just over 5 pounds.
I have it dated, my first taste test will be 12/29. The longer it ages the more sharp it will become.

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It's been 3 long weeks waiting for the minimum time for this cheddar cheese to age. I was going to wait till Thursday when all my kids (3) and grandkids (11) do our Christmas to taste test.
I set this 1/2 piece out at 5:50pm to give it a hour to warm up. At 6:00pm I couldn't wait and cut it open!
Give me credit, I waited 10 minutes lol
I didn't notice till tonight how much more firm it was feeling when slightly squeezed, a notable difference.
Surprise! It really looked like cheese, firm and zero mold!
I cut pulled this piece off the wax, it stayed together (good pressing pressure) no smell, correct color.
A nice lite cream taste, a hint of sharpness (stronger with more aging), perfect cheese taste and texture.
I can't believe this is my first try!
This is something I'm going to keep making. I'm going to have to get a large beverage cooler or small fridg and make into a cheese cave.
I just waxed my 3rd 2.4 pounds of cheese, this one is chive flavored cheddar cheese. Looking forward to this one!
A side note, the whey (after removing cheese curds) has a lot of uses. A gallons to my son for his chickens, made some great tasting baguettes and biscuits using it in place of the water.
Will be using it also in my new venture, fermented veggies.

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This has been a great reread.  Please keep posting.  


One thing that that I noticed was the mention of your wine fridge for SD.  Do you have a link to the product?

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