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Aussie Big Al

Hello al

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Hello from Australia. I've been lurking in here for a while soaking up all your forum has to offer, so I thought I'd better pop in and say g'day. I have been avid fan of cooking over hot coal's for about 40 years now and I have just taken delivery of my first kamodo. See pic below. Its a char griller brand but I have no idea what model, maby someone can help me out here. I live in a place called Rockhampton and its the beef capital of Australia. When I moved here 5 years ago I was expecting to go on a night out and be able to have a meal of US style ribs or brisket or something like that. Sadly I have been very disappointed. Rockhampton is full of steak houses but no one does this kind of cooking like the Americans in my opinion. Believe it or not, low and slow is just starting to take off here and its not a moment too soon

I have spent many years camping in the forrests and national parks which always involves campfire cooking. Over the years i have built many contraptions to do this from converted beer kegs to battery powered spits. Not to mention losts of camp oven (dutch oven) roasts. Anyhow thanks for having me on board and keep an eye out for my Kamado table build in the not too distant future. Cheers.


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Welcome Al, glad to have yet another of you Aussie's with us

Visions use Auplex (A Chinese company) ceramic components, so do a growing number of other new kamado  companies.  My guess is that Char Griller saw the kamado  market, bought the components from Auplek, and there you go, a ceramic brother to the Akorn.  My guess is that just like it's ceramic cousin Vision, it will cook your socks off. My only advice is "Cook On Mate" "Throw another Whatever on the Barbie" 

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