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Kick Ash Basket Demo and Review

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I don't use my Big Joe enough to justify the basket, but I did get one for my Joe Jr. and it sure is a time saver in the little guy.   I usually only need to rake out the bottom of the cooker after every 3-4 cooks or so.

  And I also use it without the cast iron grate.

I highly recommend it.

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Hey John, 

Get you mapp gas lighter and with the KAB you'll have the grill up to temp in no time :).  I do weeknight cooks on my jr or classic  with those and have it up to temp in no time. Forget the starters. :) Andy Scalzo taught me that.

Also, you can better control how much coal you want to light- small section for smoking and a couple spots if you are trying to get high heat quickly.  

With the KAB, I don't even use the ashtray, I just pull it out and grab the ashes, so it is like a fresh cook every time 

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I think the Kickash Basket is by far by best accessory.  Much quicker getting to high temps, very quick cook to cook cleanup.  The main benefit I have found is that before I had it, i would stir my leftover lump to get the ash off.  This caused the leftover lump to break into smaller pieces and since there were no big chucks I always had to add fresh lump for new cooks.  Now a couple of shakes, toss in a fire starter and away I go.

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I have become a big fan of the KAB. I have them for both my Classic and Jr.  What I like the most is that I can easily take all the charcoal out of the grill making clean up a cinch with my Shop Vac Ash Vacuum.  

Biggest thing I learned was that I didn't need to shake it like crazy.  I was wasting too much charcoal that way.  Now I give it a few moderate shakes, stir the coals around a little to get them off the sides in particular and then shake moderately again. I find I get rid of the ash without as much waste.

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      Here's a closeup of the "gap":

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