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Fitting A Reversible Cast Iron Grill/Griddle in the Blackstone Oven


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Fitting A Reversible Cast Iron Grill/Griddle in the Blackstone Oven

7-Works Great.jpg


I wanted to do a cook on the Blackstone Patio Oven that would best be done on a cast iron grill/griddle.  Pulled out my Academy Sports 14 inch reversible round grill/griddle and checked the fit.  While the round part is indeed 14 inches and an easy fit,  the ear tabs on either side of the griddle cause the overall dimension to extend a bit beyond 17 inches.  Too wide for setting it on the Blackstone turn table and having it rotate without hitting the interior metal shroud. Need to be more like 16 inches.


This is the reversible cast iron grill/griddle I am referring too.  An excellent unit for you Kamado and now the Blackstone – especially for the price.  




1A-Ridged Grill Side.jpg

1B-Flat Griddle Side.jpg

So we can fix this situation – that is why we have power tools.  Grunt. Grunt.    A bit of work with a bi-metal blade in the reciprocating saw and some finish dressing work with the air tool die grinder and all is good.  The overall dimensions on are now just under 16 inches and full clearance is obtained in the Blackstone.  And we still have some useful  lifting tabs left.  A few photos shows it all….


A bit too wide – that is a 16 inch pizza pan underneath.  The Blackstone stone is diameter is about 16 3/8 inches.  A bit of blue painters tape marks the demarcation point and shows what we need to remove.  That is the lower stone from the Blackstone in the next photo.

1-A Bit Too Wide.jpg

2-Ear ClippingTime.jpg

Time to put the tools to work and check the resulting fit.3-Sawed Off.jpg

4-Much Better.jpg

Now, let’s put it into action for dinner.


5-Away We Go.jpg

6-Perfect Fit.jpg

A few swordfish steaks..

7-Works Great.jpg


Cook on!

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11 hours ago, Marty said:

If you have the space the BS is great to have. The really good thing is that at $250 to $300 it is a lot cheaper than a many of these other cookers.

Smokehowze can be counted on to expand the limits of making good food on about anything.

Thanks.  I do like this Blackstone unit.  With regard to  good food --- this is another tool in the cooking kit.  Better for some things not so good for others.   I am looking how to apply it beyond just pizza and baked goods and figure out what does/does not work on it cook wise. 

I already have some additional mods I have been working on and testing.  It just not in my nature to leave most things in stock form as they come from the factory - not that it isn't fine right out of the box - which it is.  Like others, I can recommend this unit.   

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