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Flame Boss 200 Wifi Demo and Review

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The only thing I see that the cyberq has over the flame boss is the number of meat probes. Cyberq 3, flame boss 1. The flame boss interface is much more user friendly, and the website gives as much information as the best of the cyberq apps, which costs about 10 bucks.

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Dunno if you need an app. I'm assuming there's some type of unit id number that you log onto the website with. You could simply create a favorite icon on your phone or tablet homepage and go directly to the site interface. Besides, so far, the cyberq apps leave a lot to be desired, besides the CyberCook app, which is the ten dollar one.

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Nice demo and review John, Your results are similar to mine although I seem to have a more consistent pit temp than you show. However I was not adjusting and readjusting my controller as you have. I do keep my daisy wheel almost fully closed and this seems to help with maintaining temps. And stop peeking. My last cook with the Flame Boss 200 was an overnight 151/2 hour Boston Butt at 225F. I wanted to do a screen shot of the graph to accompany my comments here, but it no longer exists. Apparently there is a time limit as to how long data is stored if not downloaded somewhere. My only gripe (if you can call it that) is with the fan unit. I'd like something more substantial and one with a better fit to the BGE, although in fairness, the unit worked superbly well. It would be more than nice to have a baffle feature so that the kamado can be shut down without having to remove the fan. All in all, as I've said before, I don't use the device that often, but I would not sell nor give it away. It's a great tool to have and it works as advertised. Kudo's to the Flame Boss folks.

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17 minutes ago, benniesdad said:

The Amazon description says the Model 200 does not work with BGE or other ceramic cookers. It says you should use the Model 100 instead. Is the Amazon description not accurate or outdated? 

I got curious so I went to Amazon. 


this one looks like a flame boss 200 for ceramic Kamados. Is that the same product you saw? 

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38 minutes ago, benniesdad said:

You have to love Amazon. Multiple listings with different descriptions for the same product.

This is the one I looked at. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0100WRGAY/ref=cm_sw_r_em_tai_c_4XDvybEDZNDA3

Thanks much. 

There is no good answer for this.  I would go to the manufacturer website and look.  Both those links are sold by the same seller... 

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Well thanks to this review/cook and a challenge I recently had keeping temp on a windy day, I pulled the plug and ordered one.  The engineer geek in me just loves the idea of monitoring/changing cook temps via the web.  I ordered directly from the manufacturer.  Amazon was $10 cheaper but out of stock until later in the week and I want this by Christmas.

And yet again, kamadoguru.com costs me money.

John, any guess on the power cord length?  The manual doesn't say.

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I like this thing, it does everything I could want it to do, but it's a lot of money for the convenience. All I really want is a dadgum thermometer, with wifi connectivity for remote monitoring, at a price point I can get on board with (<$100). 

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I've had mine for a year and love it.

Two cautions with the probes:
1) put foil under them at the edge of the grill where the heat comes up around the heat deflector. The outside coating becomes brittle with too much direct heat.

2) don't try to pull the meat probe out by the cable, grab the probe with a gloved hand. Made that mistake once and pulled the wires out of the probe. My new probe has a 90 degree bend at the end of the probe so they redesigned it, maybe for that reason.

It's a solid unit.

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