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The Great Pig Porterhouse Reverse Sear Cook


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Tomorrow, I'm having about twenty-seven people come over for our 'Poke Chop Fellowship'. Twenty-four are having the 1.125" thick, reverse-seared center cut pork chops– I call these the pig porterhouse.

1st 17 center cut bone-in pork chops– seasoned (salt, pepper and a little chilli), sitting in all that lemony goodness and ready to go... awaiting final coffee rub.


Last seven bagged up and redt2go...


This part of the cook I have a plan for.

I'm certain I have enough grill space between the divide & conquer system and a 22.5" extension grate so, I'll start off the morning and put a light smoke on (27) sweet potatoes. I'll cook them about half way through and put them in the oven to finish on low heat. Next, I'm going to put a 90 minute pecan smoke on the chops at or around 200°– put them in a cooler while I remove the deflector plates and crank the Big Joe up to about 400° and then reverse sear them twelve at a time. While the first twelve are in their ten minute rest, I have more than enough time to get the last twelve seared.

My one dangling participle is for the vegetarians. How I can get some smoke on their steelhead trout and get them done around the same time. Hmmm, any suggestions?

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So put the sweet potatoes on @ 10:30– much later than I planned– 250° for 90 minutes to get some smoke on them. Finished in the oven with a brown sugar, sugar, cinnamon, butter mix. Deflectors and racks in lowest position.


Moved deflectors and racks to uppoer position and started to load the Big Joe with the chops @ 1pm... could have gotten a couple more on the bottom, but why?


Installed homemade extension rack and loaded fremaining chops...



Spritzed a couple of times with a coffee / apple mix that I brewed. Then, removed the extension grate after about 90 minutes and started to sear.


Added a glaze of honey, cayenne and Texas Pete. Second time I've made this glaze. For the life of me, I can never get this hot enough to discern that heat is present.

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40 minutes ago, skreef said:

That is a massive cook. I bet they were great

Thanks. It was a learning experience. My pork chops are usually magnificent. The taste was there- seasoned well. The smoke profile not too pronounced, but present. But, in trying to accomodate the vegetarians with grilled / smoked fish, I allowed the chops to dry out a bit. :oops:

Everyone loved them, which frustrates me more. Only my son and I (my chop eating buddy) knew the difference. lol

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Just now, Kamado Al said:

Thanks. It was a learning experience. My pork chops are usually magnificent. The taste was there- seasoned well. The smoke profile not too pronounced, but present. But, in trying to accomodate the vegetarians with grilled / smoked fish, I allowed the chops to dry out a bit. :oops:

Everyone loved them, which frustrates me more. Only my son and I (my chop eating buddy) knew the difference. lol

Yes I understand.. Cooking  multiple items can whine up one not as good as we like.but sounds like everyone enjoyed. That's a great thing. 

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Yeah the logistics was great for the chops. I hindsight, I should have just broiled the fish in the oven and not have interupted the process of searing the chops. The Big joe really impressed me for how much it could handle. I remember complaining about it early on. LOL

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Had two stragglers left over due to no shows. So, instead of the very rainy 50°+ weather cook last Saturday, I put these on (and a few sweet potatoes) in about 28° weather...IMG_2171.jpg


They came out perfect. Couldn't smoke them as long– put them on around 8pm– but the smoke profile, taste and moisture was perfect...





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43 minutes ago, King19 said:

Should have just given the vegetarians a potatoe since vegetarians don't eat trout either


Love the double rack I can afford that part of the Joe



Vegans don't eat animal products, Vegetarians eat some animal product such as fish!:)

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      Curious about thoughts on starting vs finishing a reverse sear on high heat.  I've only used the low then high approach thus far, and the results have been good, but wonder about the opposite.  For context, I do the low heat on the KJ and high heat on the gasser (faster for me to get to temp and more convenient), so I don't have a concern about trying to get the KJ temp down.
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    • By PatTheHat
      Hi Guys,
      Took my first crack at reverse Searing on my KDC2. Turned out good and to everyone's approval. Did them at 225*C and had a meat thermometer in. Timing should be about and hour but they got to 110* really quick (20-25 min) and a couple were even higher when I took them off to rest.
      Only one was cut properly at 2.5" think but that one was still ready to rest only about 10 min after the others. They turned out and but should I have gone with 3"? I still felt the 2.5" steak could have been better and all we're closer to medium than med-rare.
      Any suggestions are welcomed, trying to get better!
      Thanks guys, cheers!

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