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So I called my wife a couple hours before I got off work and asked her what's for dinner since she is on Vacation, and she said she is getting ready to Sous Vide some chops that she seasoned with Island Thyme. So right away I panicked [emoji50]and asked her all kinds of questions like what temp, how long, did you set up the anova right, she's like don't worry I got this. So I got home and sure enough she had everything under control:).

I got home and seared these for a minute on each side and they were bomb!613cbe15fa2873ca8dfc95388d5cbca4.jpg



Not my best plating skills but I'm working on them:)

It sure is nice to come home and dinner almost ready! Really liking this Anova, and my wife absolutely loves it and is already asking for a bigger container.

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1 hour ago, jrow17 said:

I got the Bluetooth Freddy, so far I don't see a need for the wifi.


Good looking chops, way to go, Mrs. Jrow! I completely agree with the statement above, I didn't even really find that I needed the Bluetooth connectivity either, I set the temp with the scroll wheel and didn't bother using the timer. I'm hoping to do some thick bone in chops or a monster steak this weekend. 

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The only real use for the wifi is remote starting. 


I haven't tried it yet, but the Anova WiFi model lets you set an ice bath. When it rises to a predetermined temperature, it will alert you. Then, remotely, you can crank it up to cooking temperature. 


The next logical question is "I thought the whole point of SV is that you can't overlook something. Why not just set it to the right temp to start with?"


Fair question. While that part is correct - you won't over cook it - texture does change the longer you leave something in the bath at temperature. 


One me of these days, I'll try it. Drop some frozen chicken breasts in the ice bath and let the Anova baby sit it for me. Seems like it would add a lot of convenience. 



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On 12/21/2016 at 8:52 PM, Mewantkj said:

Yes you do.  I find it to be a bulletproof way to cook lean protein.  I still enjoy grilling it as well, but when life is crazy, this is one less thing to worry about. 

I hear that one. Great product. Congrats to the lady of the house!

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I'm a convert as well! Got mine just before christmas and did a 2.2Kg bone in prime rib (best I've ever done) and 1.5" "Iowa" Pork Chops (Try explaining that to an aussie butcher).  I work from home so the WIFI version wasn't really necessary for me.

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