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My attempt at a Joetisserie Turkey!!

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32 minutes ago, SJB said:

Good job!  How big was the bird, what temp was the grill and how long was the cook?

This bird was 14.7lbs, it cooked between 350 and 325, and it took 3 hours and 15 minutes. 


When it first started I was rolling at about 350 and it looked like the bird was going to be done too fast so I closed the vents a little to slow it down. Probably could have just left it at 350 and it would have been about 3 hours. 

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4 hours ago, Plaid Palace said:



How did the wings turn out? When cooking a bird at higher temps, I always wrap in tin foil to try and salvage them. I've tried the tuck trick a few times but at times the wings will untuck themselves as the cook.

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