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Pork Shoulder on the Grill...

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1 hour ago, Chipster67 said:


So what do you do when Dec 28th, it is 42 degrees outside, oh, and you live in Chicago? Well BBQ ofcourse... Smoking a 8lb pork shoulder for some pulled pork sandwiches.

Smells yummy, but have another 3-4 hours of cook time to go...

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Agreed! We live in SE Wisconsin and have 3 racks of ribs on. Just too nice out not to smoke! 

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Yes agree that smoke hung around and kept me wishing the meat was done. Just pulled off of the grill at 200 and gonna let it rest in foil while we cook up the Tator Tots. Love some pulled pork on a nice onion roll and some tots. :)

I'll snap pic before I rip apart. It is very tender. Butter melting probe tender. When I pulled off the grill the fatback stayed on grate and rest nearly fell apart in the hands/gloves. The fatback pulled off grate with ease and was tossed since some slid out of hands on to bricks.. but Puppies sure loved licking the juices off the brick lmao.

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