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Bragging on my brisket


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I realized I'd forgotten to post this after posting about my frozen dome incident, so here you go. After hatching an evil plan to unfreeze my stuck lid on the Vision Classic B I was good to go. But I started late so I tried to make up for lost time and got the thing way too hot. I ended chasing the temp for a while until it finally settled around 250. Learn from my mistake and just let it come to temp slowly and be patient. In the end it would have been faster than trying to cool it down and stay there. Anyway, the massive 15 pound brisket (before trimming) hit the grate around 11pm and I het the sack around 2am. I felt confident that the meat was hitting the stall at 161 degrees. I woke up around 7 to find the fire had died and the meat was at 113 degrees. What else could go wrong? I rebuilt the fire and dug out the BBQ Guru I was too cocky to use in the first place and it held the temp at a perfect 225 all morning and afternoon. I took the brisket off at 200 degrees, double foil wrapped it, then wrapped that in a fleece blanket and popped into a cooler where it rested for 4 hours until we were ready to slice it. I've never done the last part of wrapping and cooler-ing before but I think it really helped as far as keeping it moist. The end result of all this was the tenderest, juiciest, most delicious brisket I've cooked so far. dcf73f11c52bca999c0355922a4ba917.jpg937b3dc6eee3c386881ab6c0fb286d03.jpga6f23943c770a8670996d8587c785686.jpg9bea949d5d984493b4e17e8bb47521ca.jpg0ea7157a98f8714b0a42b1e88e8caa2c.jpg0cf9abf9a91a82e46df63116f5cf5b3b.jpg

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