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    • By Marty
      Old news to our seasoned pros however I liked this and think it does a goose job of laying out the trade offs.
    • By bbqboss84601
      I am absolutely in love with my knife handle. I picked out the color scheme, saw the almost completed handle, then had the knife shipped me. As I received it, opened it, and was completely blown away, I cannot express my gratitude for such fine craftsmanship. The fit and finish was impeccable. The rest of my knives will be receiving the same treatment. Thank you Ben.

    • By DerHusker
      With all the talk about Japanese knives on here recently I decided to post this on the only one I own. It's in horrible shape and needs a lot of work.
      I inherited this knife when my parents died 19 years ago. I believe they probably picked it up at a garage sale as they frequented them before they past. It has some markings in Japanese and only Japan in English.
      Over all pic.

      Close up.

      Back side.

      As you can see the tip is broken off and there are visible chips in the edge. It's probably a cheapy but can anybody identify it?
    • By TrueBlueEagle
      Not sure if this is the right place or not, but I'm looking for a product review so I guessed this would be okay. 
      I'm looking into getting a knife "steel" (I think thats the correct spelling for the tool). I tried to do some research online, but most searches looking for "Knife Steel" return with info about the different quality/grade of the steel blade, not the actual steel used for honing the edge. I've see a lot of price variation on these and I'm trying to figure out how one could be better than another?
      So far I've determined, a diamond steel tends to remove too much of the metal off the knife edge, requiring sharpening more often. Ceramic are nice, but also fragile. So I think I might be leaning toward a plain jane steel one. 
      Anything in particular I'm looking for? I know some have a grooved patter on the steel and it seems others are just textured. 
      Any and all info and links to reccomendations are appreciated!
      Also, not looking to break the bank on this...as I assume more of my money will be put towards a different sharpener.
      Also, John, if you read this, I know we have a ton of cutlery/knife/sharpening discussions on here. Might even be worth creating a new section somewhere just for cutlery?
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