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Great video Larry, thx. Was that feta or crumbled blue cheese you were using? You've inspired me to get the grinder attachment for my mixer.

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Blue cheese. I've always liked a beef, red onion, and blue cheese combo.

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Nice video Larry.   Thank you also for sharing ratio you use of chuck to sirloin.   I have wanting to try grind my own ground meat but was never sure of what ratio to use.    

The ratio is something to experiment with to see what you prefer. Even chuck roast alone is good. My brother likes chuck roast mixed with rib eye.

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Man U guys r killin me.  Now that is one more thing I need to buy, the meat grinder for my wife's kitchen aid. 
I can only assume that you guys will pitch in a little something for the cause?????

It is worth buying one. I recently purchased the pasta roller attachments too. I love that stand mixer.

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    • By DerHusker
      SoCal has been scorching hot these last 3 days. Friday was 111 in the shade of my patio. Unfortunately this was the day my neighbor’s air conditioning decided to quit working. They brought over their dogs for us to try and keep cool while they worked on it and went out to eat to cool off themselves.
      Saturday was 104 and Sunday was a were 100 so I braved the patio to cook something up. I’ve made a Buffalo Buffalo Smash Burger before that is IMHO the best burger ever. Unfortunately, our fridge quit working 2 weeks ago. It has since been repaired but my supply of pickled red onion went out with 3 trash bags of other food items so I decided to just use what I had on hand and make Smash Cheeseburgers.  
      I stared out making some seasoned steak fries. I took 2 russet potatoes and cut each into 8 approximately equal wedges.

      I then drizzled on some EVOO and seasoned them with salt, fresh ground black pepper and a little cayenne pepper.

      I microwaved them for 6 minutes (stirring them every 2 minutes) to give them a head start on cooking. I then spread them out on a half sheet pan and placed it in the middle of my gasser with the burners on each side on high. (for an indirect heat of approximately 400)

      With the fries cooking I turned my attention to the burgers. I took some Nice organically grown ground beef

      and mixed in some diced onion and blue cheese crumbles.


      I started up a 3/4 chimney of charcoal and poured it into my charcoal baskets.

      I placed my C.I. griddle over them and let it get smoking hot.

      I divided the ground beef into 4 roughly equal size balls.

      Once the griddle was smoking hot I placed the balls on.

      Once they had developed a nice crust I smashed them. I let them cook a few more minutes and then flipped them and cooked them approximately 3 more minutes.

      After approximately 40 minutes the fries were ready.

      Here it is plated up with a Modern Times Black House Coffee Rroasty Stout.



      This was excellent!

      Thanks for looking.
    • By DerHusker
      After the new Red Kettle had burned for approximately 90 minutes initiated it with a fast cheese burger cook.

      Let the patties heat up indirect at first.

      Once they were sweating I moved them over for a 90 second sear on each side


      and then move back to the indirect side to melt the cheese.

      Plated mine up with some chips, potato salad and a Stone Brewery Coffee Milk Stout.



      Easter was good to me.

      Thank for looking.

    • By DerHusker
      After such a fabulous dinner at Donovan’s La Jolla, we wanted to take it easy with our Sunday dinner. (See Link: https://www.kamadoguru.com/topic/36563-anniversary-dinner/?tab=comments#comment-472841) We decided on a simple all American Cheese Burger. It’s a fast and easy but very delicious meal.

      Patties on the Jumbo Joe.

      And plated up with some Fritos, watermelon and a Sierra Nevada Blindfold Black IPA.

      So good!

      Thanks for looking.

    • By Rob_grill_apprentice
      I am happy with my first run of Brioche buns, following Peter Reinhart recipe from Crust and Crumb.   If I had taken the buns off 5 minutes sooner they would have been prefect.  I used 150 g for buns so next time I will reduce to 100 g.   The 150 g were almost too big to put a mouth around.  The last bit of dough I made loaf which I took off on time so the crust is better..   I had coated the buns with black sesame seeds after egg wash.  The first run was close call had I taken them off 5 minutes later they would have been burned,     Burgers were very good.    

    • By Soton
      I've just ordered a Joetisserie and now I am wondering if there are any joetisserie accessories to go with it?  what I have in mind is a wire cage that fits on the rotisserie forks so food like firm vegetables like peppers, onions maybe small corn and small cubes of meat, even rashers of bacon can be placed and cooked while tumbling around inside the cage, dose anyone know if this is available or of something of that sort that could be used for that purpose?
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