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30 day dry aged New York strip the finished product

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The very idea of 'dry aged' confuses me.  I thought we were supposed to be seeking juicy, moist meat when served.  How can we achieve that if we dry it out first?  Someone set me straight, here.

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On 4/13/2017 at 5:59 PM, mikewest said:

The very idea of 'dry aged' confuses me.  I thought we were supposed to be seeking juicy, moist meat when served.  How can we achieve that if we dry it out first?  Someone set me straight, here.

As it ages the natural enzymes act as a meat tenderizer of sorts. It's not dried out so much as tenderized and meatier tasting. But, yeah, some moisture has left. 

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      FOR 2 DAYS!!!!!
      Yep, I have no fear.   2 Days.   Like a boss.
      It came out, looking like this:

      mmmmmm, who wouldn't want a piece of this...?
      Whack on some olive oil, salt and pepper:

      and chuck the bugger onto a 480C hot KJ:

      1 sneaky 90 degree rotate late, I flipped it, and oooh yeaaaahhh babyyyyy:

      2nd side done, back on the plate, back inside.  Drool on the floor was a slip hazard:

      Here's a cross-section, specifically cut for y'all:

      This dirt-cheap hunk of meat was the best steak I've had in a long time.  All hail the sous vide and the brutal smokey heat of my round red friend.  It was a melt-in-the-mouth steak, and I'm sitting here - fat, dumb and happy with a gutfull of steak and wine and joy 
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      Decided to follow a recipe I'd found on Serious Eats (which is one of my go-to sites for Sousing and Videing):
      Got a slab of brisket from my butcher.  In hindsight, it probably had a bit too much of the fat trimmed off it.  Cut it in half so it would fit into the vac bags (and also be size-appropriate for 4 people)

      Rubbed it down with 50/50 salt & pepper mix.  Was listening to Doug Stanhope impersonating Bill Burr at the time, hence the Baaahhstaaawn "PEPPAAAAAHHH" in the thread title  

      Vac sealed it, with the rub on it.

      Into the sous vide for 36 hours at 155F, and then into the fridge for 3 days.
      Out of the fridge ,coming up to room temp - Mmmm, appetising!!!

      Pulled it out of the bag, patted down to remove excess moisture.  Recipe called for more rub, but I decided against it.  Might do it next time to get a better bark...

      Threw it onto the grill at 300F (grill temp, as measured by my trusty Thermowerx Smoke).  Internal probe alarm set for 185F.  Threw in some spuds after 1 hour.  Alarm went off after about 2:15, and it went to 190F after 2:30.  Decided it was time to pull the bugger off and see how we went...

      At this point, I was a giddy as a roofied cheerleader and forgot to take pics...  My most humble apologies...
      The meat was succulent - pulling apart with a fork and the most juicy slab of beefy goodness I've ever tasted.
      The only small disappointment was the relatively thin and/or nonexistent bark.  The outside skin was tasty, and the bark-ish bits were very noice.
      Made a Bourbon Whiskey sauce to go with it.  Not overly sweet, with a nice chili kick courtesy of some ghost pepper sauce.
      Will definitely be doing the other half some time in the next 2 weeks, and will post the update in this thread.