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    • By DerHusker
      A certain knife dealer site had so good of prices on some nice knives in BD1N stainless that I couldn’t help myself. (It’s a sickness I tell ya!) Anyway, here’s some pics of my new tools.

      9” hollow edge craving knife and fork set.

      6” curved boning knife.

      I had a Big Poppa gift certificate I’d won in a throwdown that was burning a hole in my pocket so, I placed a couple of items I didn’t already have in my cart.

      Also added 2 rubs on sale that I thought I’d use a lot.

      I already used the carving knife for Christmas Eve dinner with my family and hope to use the other items real soon.

      Thanks for looking.

    • By St1brew
      Going to ask Santa for a few new knives for this year. I am looking for recommendations on a boning/fillet knife and a brisket/meat slicer. Considering Shun and Wusthof but am not dead set on either brand. I'd like something that holds an edge for a long time and relatively easy to maintain. Thanks in advance.
    • By Chicago Joe
      Proud to be a new Joe owner.  Got it from the Naperville store. Yeah, yeah shoulda got mine long before Labor Day but Ill be cooking long after the snow flies unlike the fair weather Chicago BBq people. 
    • By MattR658
      Hi Everyone,
      I just want to say hello, I am new to the Kamado world and just picked up my first ever Kamado today. I got a Kamado Joe Classic II, and I am super excited to use it! I was able to pick it up at a Costco Roadshow, which I've read tons about and knew that they offered the best deals on the KJ. I've attached a photo of the current roadshow prices if anyone is interested. This was the Costco Roadshow in Glen Mills, PA (about 40 minutes outside of Philly). It is running there until 07/22.
      Again I just wanted to say hello and that I am super excited to get into Kamado cooking and being on the forums for new cooking ideas!

    • By KJTerp
      Picked up a 6.75lb flat at Costco. Seasoned with salt pepper garlic onion powder, used mustard to help the rub adhere. Fired up at 7 this morning, settled in at 250 with some cherry on there, brisket went on at 830. Stalled HARD at 165 from 11-6, then zoomed to 195-200 by 7. Found a couple spare ribs at the store and tossed them on at the same time, they finished around 330. 
      Ribs came out great. Brisket came out pretty darn good. Rub was a bit too salty, I’ll have to scale that back. Some areas around the outside were a bit crumbly, and it could have been juicer, but I’ve paid for worse brisket at “bbq” restaurants. Needless to say, bark formation was on point (on flat?). 
      Dont remember where I saw it here, but I wrapped a sweet onion with foil, and put a couple pats of butter on it, left it in the grill for the last 6 hours, 10/10 would recommend, will do this every time I fire up from now on. 

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