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Smoke Smell In Towels After Wrap


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1 hour ago, Cagno said:

Ok, I thought that didn't affect the meat so much after cooking, into the cooler


I foil the leftovers of course but, I want my best product when serving so, as messy as it is, I just go with the butcher paper. It really is a 'to each his own' kind of thing. I'm old school so, I adhere to the 'go with what brung ya' approach. I am a bark lover so, it's either the bp or nakked! 

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21 hours ago, coldfusion said:


I have noticed it takes 5-6 washes to get the smoke smell out of towels that I use to wrap butts and briskets.

These are kinda thick premium towels.

Using Tide Pods and a fabric softener. That's not working very well. Have tried using Apple Cider Vinegar and Oxi Clean with no success.

I use butcher paper so some of the juice and moisture makes it's way to the towels more so than someone using foil.

How to get smoke smell out? What do you use?

Would it be better to just pick out towels just for wrapping meat?

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ammonia cuts the smoke stain from glass.  I have no idea if works on fabric or towels - might destroy them. 


What does wrapping the butt in a towel, get you?   


I usually use cling-wrap - it does soften the bark.  Now somebody mentioned butcher paper, I'll try that once.

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Smoke is a strong and lingering odor because is has an oily base to it. This is a trick a neighbor lady taught me to deodorize skunky clothes, dogs, and people.  Soak the towels in a deep sink in water with a good amount of lemon Dawn dish soap (what they use after an oil spill to take oil and sludge off animals). After the towels are completely soaked, drain the deep sink and sprinkle the wet soapy towels with Arm and Hammer Baking Soda. The Dawn releases the oil and the baking soda absorbs the odor. let the baking soda sit until it drys.  Next rinse completely,  and then wash.  I haven't tried it with smokey towels but it sure works on skunky clothes, dogs, and people.   

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