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All Things BBQ Meets Kamado Joe

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No way that was a 600 deg Joe.  He didn't burp when he put the cast iron in to pre-heat and at 600 deg I think he would be missing some hair on his arm....


Not really sure why he showed that on a KJ except he can't get his pellet grill to 600.  That was a nice pan seared steak, but as he never closed the lid, it is not going to have and flavor from the wood.

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3 hours ago, Big_Green_Craig said:

He'd get better flavor if that rosemary was down in the pan rather than on top of the steak. 



2:25 it goes down. I'm sure the hot oil baste at the beginning released some flavor and prevented the rosemary from burning. I'm no professional chef, but I'd bet Tom knows what he's doing. 

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I love the sear that a CI pan gives, but hate smoking out my entire house if I cook inside, or cooking the seasoning off my pan if I do it on the kamado. At 600, the seasoning will hold up, but I don't get a hard sear as fast as I'd like for finishing sous-vide steaks. I almost jumped at a CI half-moon griddle for my new Big Joe, but the soapstone has really peaked my interest with the lower maintenance and ability to cook at higher temps without burning off the seasoning.


I am hesitant though, given the price tag, and that its another 40lbs of rock to find a home for when not in use. I'm thinking of trying a test run with my Emile Henry 14x18 glazed pizza stone. It is supposed to withstand 900 degrees and has a non-porous surface that won't get gummed up with steak fat. It doesn't have the thermal mass of the soapstone, but might be sufficient on a couple of steaks or some smash burgers.

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