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dutch oven on a classic


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I'm looking for a good dutch oven for my classic.

the kamado joe dutch oven is not available as accesory in Italy and Lodge is as expensive as a LeCrousette here with shipping + taxes.


so I was looking to this "chinese-french" poroduct.


do you think that the biggest size (32cm = 41,8 cm x 34,2 cm x 14,4 cm) would fit in the classic? or I shoud better go with the 28cm (36 x 29 x 16 cm)?




pros: it's enameled (good for acid food)

         it's cheap

cons: plastic knob (but after all am I going to use the lid for high heat or just L&S?)




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Dutch ovens work very well in a kamado and are a great accessory IMO. The one you posted an advertisement for looks like a Staub knock off. It appears to have good reviews, although, I can't read them other than to look at the number of stars. I'd probably go for it and purchase the one your looking at, unless you can get an actual Staub for a similar price.  

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1 hour ago, Cgriller64 said:

STAUB is the best brand in my opinion and I started searching from there (in fact the same  28cm size is 190 euro vs 106 :roll:), but I would like to stay on the cheaper side of the deal for a pot that is problably going to be used and abused....


would the biggest size (32cm = 41,8 cm x 34,2 cm x 14,4 cm) fit in the classic? I am worried about beeing too big and hitting the dome termometer...

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I see your point on price vs use/abuse. Although I have occasionally used my Le Creuset on my Joe Classic with no issues but I can understand your reasoning. As far as size it may be an issue if you plan on placing it on the upper rack. I have both a 5 qt and 7 qt Le Creuset. Both will prevent the lid from closing if on the upper rack and are too far forward which gets in the way of the thermometer. However if I place them further back toward the hinge the lid closes no problem. I don't think the 32cm is any larger than my 7 qt so I say go with that one if it is your preference.

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Just to make sure the oven you like will fit in your KJ,  I would make a mock up out of card board taped together that is relatively the same size as the ovens dimensions. Then you can play with it in a variety of setup configurations and determine if you like the way it will fit or not. On size and usage, I use my 5 qt with much more regularity than my larger ovens. Actually the oven I use the most is called a brasier that's only 2 1/2 quarts. t has a 2 inch lip on the pan and a tight fitting lid, that I seldom use in the kamado. I think your ultimate decision should be based on what you want to cook, get an oven that fits what you do.


Here is my brasier on my Vision and then on my Egg, both are about the same size as your classic in terms of grate space. 



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