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Peach tree question


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I have gathered branches and small stems if that helps.  Let it dry in the hot sun all summer so it seasons well.  If you get the trunk and its thick, perhaps chop into small splits so they have a chance of properly drying out


Have I mentioned that I love peach wood??

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I have an arborist who will keep an eye out for me for fruit wood.  He cuts me large branches and trunks into "biscuits" as he calls them.  2 to 2-1/2 inches thick.  They are easy to handle. I put spacers between them and let them dry for a month in my garden shed.  Then I chunk them with my axe.  A bit smaller than a tennis ball, a bit bigger than a golf ball.  They tend to split nicely since you are not cutting across grain.  I then put these into a carton for another month or more before using.  I have had Apple, CrabApple, Maple and Oak from him. All work well.  If you were to find a professional and ask for some biscuits, I'm sure that they would be interested in helping you.  I pay my guy in pulled pork...

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I had a problem peach tree growing in back yard. My son, who's former house I now live in planted a peach tree advertised as "free stone" . The branches that had the freestone died and what was left was a peach 3" with a pit that was 1". I had 100's of them and flys and things were awful!
We cut it down last September and made usefull pucks for smoking. I have them in a box in the garage for now.dfa4249fb340e248ba4bc7b0503c7808.jpg
Recently did 34 pounds of pork butt and we are looking forward to many more!!
Two of the three, as good as Apple any day!!

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