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Dem Bones!


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On 2/9/2017 at 3:16 PM, Squarehelmet said:

Those look awesome.  Due to another thread that I have going, what temp did you cook them at and about how long did they take? Did you use the dome thermometer?  Thanks.


Sorry for the delayed response here....I usually do my ribs right around 250.  I use the Igrill 2 ambient probe for my readings.

When I typically do Baby Backs I use the Trader Joes Baby Backs which will tend to be a bit smaller than what you'll see at a Grocery Store, Costco or Butcher Shop.  I think they tend to be close to 2lbs per rack but will vary of course.  

I use them because they are cheaper, smaller and as a result cook up quicker.  

These took just about 2 hours on the smoke, about 45 mins or so in a wrap.  I then finish them off on the grill at higher temp for about another 30 - 45 mins or so.   I take off one of the heat deflectors with the grill on high position.  I then glaze with leftover juices from my wrap and then sauce.  

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On 2/10/2017 at 9:43 PM, Tioga said:

I've been trying to make ribs with beautiful color like that but so far unsuccesful. Did you use sugar in the rub? How much smoke wood did you use?


Another late reply so my apologies.  The rub I use does have plenty of sugar and plenty of paprika which helps.  I also wrap and glaze with honey.

I used a fair amount of wood on this cook knowing they wouldn't be on very long and there were 6 racks.  I want to say I used between 6-8 fist sized chunks mostly cherry, a few apple and one hickory.  

For a typical cook of 2-3 racks I'll use 4 fist size chunks.  


Hope that helps!

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