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lump charcoal


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ok I am at the point of needing to buy some charcoal. I usually stock up on briquettes when home depot and lowes put it on sale around the major holidays, but of course with the akorn, I use lump, and I didn't have one last year at Labor Day, so I didn't buy any when it was on sale. 


so I'm out of lump, though the akorn is stocked. My local Home Depot and Walmart are across the street from each other. Walmart has 20# of B & B lump for 14.97, and HD has Royal Oak 20# bags for 12.97. I've been using the RO, the last bag I bought seemed to have a lot of really small stuff in it. Anyone used the B & B? I've read some reviews, and just like everything else in life, there are some that say it's the best ever and some of course who say it's the worst ever.......So I'll see if anyone here, in a group I'll trust more than possible fake reviews on their website, have an opinion either way?

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I use B&B in my kamado all the time. it  burns hot and last a long time. Pieces seem to be a mix of large round limbs and medium size pieces. I use the mesquite lump more often and it is enough to provide steaks and chicken with a good flavor.

I would not hesitate to recommend it.


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