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Can this be for real?

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Thing I can't figure out is why anyone would pay $650 for one of these.  I mean, no offense to anyone who did but there are certainly cheaper options out there.  Hope I get one even though I don't need it, I can set it up semi permanent like on my table for a sear grill while cooking on my Akorn and use the Jr for "other" and "travel" purposes.

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27 minutes ago, coldfusion said:

Same here, I better get mine I already in my mind bought a table to put it on!

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If your mind is set on something that is one thing. Don't commit your credit card till you get it.

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23 minutes ago, vyperclaw said:

I've already started shopping for a nest to put it in--I haven't been able to locate one. Would the nest with handles for the BGE Minimax work? Does BGE even sell a nest separately for the mininax?

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When I had my small grill dome I went down this path pretty unsuccessfully. I tried to find a KJ dealer that could order the KJ Jr. stand but no luck. Also would have used a small BGE nest if I could find one at a reasonable price. 


Half the reason I didn't didn't use it much and ended up selling it was because I had it on the ground and it was awkward to cook on. 

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4 hours ago, coldfusion said:

Someone posted a picture on the forum last week of a table made with 4 concrete building blocks on end, together with a fairly large flat concrete paver/stepper on top of the 4. Looked good!

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That would have been me, here it is again!:-D

cinder block table.jpg


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29 minutes ago, coldfusion said:

I'm going to make 1 or 2 of those!
Thanks for posting Garvin

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As long as the surface is level and stable those tables would be cheap, solid, and have to me a sort of industrial chic look. If not on pavers or concrete i would rake the compacted dirt level and add a paver base. I have had very good luck with this approach. This style rake with a long handle does a great job. There is even storage shelves!! LOL






Or you could make one from flat stock or buy this. You have to scroll down a bit.



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