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Pork Shoulder - New Toys to cook with!

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arrived yesterday.

purchased flame boss 200 - From Flameboss.com

purchased Meat & Pit Probe -  From Flameboss.com

purchased PIT VIPER Medium - From Guru

purchased VisionProS Adapter - From Guru

purchased 9.31 Shoulder at K-Roger.


This is so fun,  No making adjustments at all.  

VCU plays Davidson tonight at 8pm on CBSSN, we should be ready to go!

Go Rams!






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74-60 VCU over Davidson!  Great Game. 


Pork Shoulder was amazing, we ate some of it last night.  Our oldest surprised us with a visit and had dinner with us. She helped herself to 2nds.  So, we sent 1lb with her to take back to school and share with her roommate.  Pork frozen, and vacuum packed, along with instructions how to reheat.


I love it when anyone takes 2nds and a doggie bag.  You know it was great!



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Leftover Lump.  After 13 hours of cooking, plus some cooldown time, this is whats left from a FULL BASKET of Lump.   I filled up, just above the holes in the Vision Pro, that would be about below the handles you see in the picture.  I think there's probably enough left for a 3 hour cook (low/slow).  Using Royal Oak Lump from Wal-Mart.   a couple chunks of Apple, and a couple chunks of Hickory in this cook.  I'm just getting around to shaking the basket and getting ready for this weeks dinners!


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