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First cook hot and dirty.


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Well I finally got a chance to fire up the kj classic, but no time for a low and slow.   I cooked a few steaks 450ish until almost done, the. Dropped them done close to the coals and finished them off.  


So what did I think of my new kj.  Initially when I got it I felt it may be Of lesser quality, and I happy to report I was wrong.  It heated up like a rocket, held steady and shut down like a champ.....even with out the ceramic cap.  



Thanks for looking. 

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@In2Fish thanks, I was amazed at how well the KJ performed.  Initially when I got it I felt like it may not have been as well made as my egg.  The fit and finish of the exterior seemed to be on par, but the interior seemed a little off.  Well I'm happier to report this thing is awesome, better shutdown than my xl egg, faster to respond and the devise and conquer system was great. @John Setzler was right, amazing cooker. the 2 level cooking made a huge difference, able to roast up top then drop down to sear and finish.  

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