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First cook hot and dirty.


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Well I finally got a chance to fire up the kj classic, but no time for a low and slow.   I cooked a few steaks 450ish until almost done, the. Dropped them done close to the coals and finished them off.  


So what did I think of my new kj.  Initially when I got it I felt it may be Of lesser quality, and I happy to report I was wrong.  It heated up like a rocket, held steady and shut down like a champ.....even with out the ceramic cap.  



Thanks for looking. 

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@In2Fish thanks, I was amazed at how well the KJ performed.  Initially when I got it I felt like it may not have been as well made as my egg.  The fit and finish of the exterior seemed to be on par, but the interior seemed a little off.  Well I'm happier to report this thing is awesome, better shutdown than my xl egg, faster to respond and the devise and conquer system was great. @John Setzler was right, amazing cooker. the 2 level cooking made a huge difference, able to roast up top then drop down to sear and finish.  

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    • By GrillDawg
      Fired up the KJ for some NY Strip Steaks last night. I'd have to say...best steak I've had, hands down.
      Got the steaks from a Stripling's General Store here in town. Seasoned with some Lane's BBQ Brisket rub. Put a block of Hickory in the fire.
      1. Got the grill up to around 300º while seasoning.

      2. First time using my ThermoPro wireless thermometer. It definitely gave me the flexibility of hanging out inside while getting up to temp!

      3. Got the steaks to 125º and pulled them off and tented with aluminum foil.

      4. Opened up the vents and aimed to get to 550-600º for the sear.

      5. "I have made fire!"

      6. Looking tasty! It smelled so good.

      7. Plated with some spinach salad and a twice baked potato from Striplings.

      8. Look at that color!

      I'd have to say...this is my fourth cook on my KJ since buying it for Father's Day and everything I make on it is amazing. My wife looked at my across the table while eating and said, "I see why you wanted to spend so much money on a grill. This is delicious!"
      If only she would have that logic when I try to convince her I want to buy a truck...haha
    • By David Scubadiver
      I purchased my grill in December and finally got around to using it Sunday afternoon.  I have been cooking sous vide and using a cast iron pan lately, but the smoke has been terrible. 
      For or my first time grilling,  I decided on baked potatoes, steaks and asparagus. Started the fire with a twisted paper towel wetted with vegetable oil. 
      The fire got hotter than intended, and stayed hotter than intended.  I started with the potatoes and let them cook for nearly an hour above the heat deflector. Then I added the raw steaks, and eventually the asparagus that were prepared with some oil and seasoning.
      I was prepared for disaster but everything came out delicious. I forgot to open up the vents for the sear, but as I said, the grill was hot. 

    • By DerHusker
      Last week they put Ribeye Roasts on sale for $6.99 a lb. and $5.88 a lb. if you purchased $25.00 of other items.  This is a great price so I went in to buy a roast and they didn’t have any good looking ones out in the display case so I asked for one from the back. They brought out a whole rib to cut me one. When I saw it I told them I’d just buy the whole thing. Here it is in the cryovac plastic. (Approx. 21” long and 22 lbs.)




      It was so big I cut it in half for easier handling.

      Oooh! Nice color.  

      I cut it into approximate 3” thick, bone-in steaks.


      I kept one out for immediate use and vacuum packed the rest for future meals.

      Oh yeah!  
    • By Dub
      The weather on this relaxing Sunday can only be described as glorious.  
      Yesterday was cruddy-cold-rainy.....but today......sunny & almost 80 degrees.  Unreal.
      Figured I'd have some fun in the backyard with the grill.  Things were smelling great out there.
      Thanks to this challenge, things were smelling good inside, too, as I was moved outa my comfort zone of using store-bought sauces.
      The results were to my tribe's liking, too.   They asked for the sauce again on other cooks....wings, ribs, chops and others.  I will oblige their requests. I liked the sauce, too.
      The keys to this sauce, imho, are the freshly ground & chopped ingredients.



      This was an on-the-fly recipe that I will tweak and continue to use.  Texted it to some buddies who were either grilling or soon to be. 

      Sauce-making music was enjoyed !

      Very grateful to have these cuts in the freezer thanks to Mom & Dad's thoughtfulness at Christmas.  Excellent gift that was appreciated by everyone today !!!!

      I also mastered the art of untying that first pesky knot that allows a ridiculously easy bag opening.

      Set the Big Joe up with the Divide & Conquer system for some two zone cooking for the stuffed potatoes & steaks.


      Molly took up a spot downwind of the grill and seemed to really enjoy the relaxing afternoon.

      Gave them a good dusting with some great KJ flavors.

      Krunk it on up when the potatoes were close to done.

      Went with the thicker cuts first.

      Seared the thinner filets next and then moved them all over to the cool side to rest and finish reaching the internal temps I was shooting for.

      If ribs, wings and chops are better with sauce......why not steaks ?
      Got a bowl of the sauce grillside and slathered it on the steaks when they were about 10 degrees from being ready.


      Roasted corn & asparagus with a small amount of the KJ good stuff.






      The verdict is in:      The sauce was killer.  I'm glad the challenge gave me the nudge to homebrew my own.    
      The verdict is also in......we are all stuffed and chillaxing.   Molly has be pinned down as I type this.

    • By Marty
      Does anyone cook 1/2 inch steaks or 3/4 inch steaks on a regular basis and get good results. Since 95 % of what I see in the store fit this description a lot of people are cooking them.
      So you have a 3/4 inch steak. I seriously do not know how to approach a steak that thin.
      You put a cast Iron skillet or flat griddle in the Kamado.
      What temp do you go for?
      How long do you heat it.
      Do you coat it with oil?
      My inclination would be to use my cast iron griddle smooth side up and heat it to 500 and then let it heat soak for 20 minutes or so.
      Would you put the steak on wet or dry it?
      I see those thin steaks all the time and each time i ask myself how do they get a crust or a nice deep brown with out having it over done? I have always avoided these steaks.
      When I use the PayMaster wet rub I pat it dry and spray it with oil and then I get a nice brown crust.
      When I went wet-- it cooked but did not get the crust and I ended up over cooking. After doing it both ways I do agree with America's Test Kitchen that any surface moisture will steam and you do not get any real crust or browning until the water steams away.
      Doesn't a flat cast iron surface hold the moisture between the meat and the surface?
      I always get steaks that are 1 1/2 to 2 inches thick. I use a dry rub of kosher salt, ground pepper, garlic powder, and a sprinkle of chipotle chili powder.  I try to leave this over night if possible.I pat it dry and spray with canola oil and cook on the lower grate with the diffuser on the other half and I want a bed of glowing coals so probably 500 to 800 dome. I check at 1 minute intervals and when both sides are nice and brown--I move to the indirect side and let them go to 125/130 internal.  Nothing new--- that is how a lot of the really good cooks on here do it. After using this set up it seems to me that banking the coals to one side and using the deflector is much hotter than cooking over a whole bed of coals across the whole grill. I know some say the pepper burns--that has not been my experience. I get wonderful steaks this way.
      But this does not answer how to do a thin steak.
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