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New to Kamado Grilling


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I would leave the grate out and bring the cooker up to 500 for 15-20 minutes. Slowly shut your vents down to lower your temp to about 400. Wash your grate, dt it, then smear some crisco all over it good, put on grill for 1/2 hour to season grate. Shut vents down until cool. May want to apply some grape seed oil to the grates again before cooking, but you should be good to go then.



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Well I finally went to Home Depot this morning. Had to pick up some lump charcoal. I went where they had that Acorn Kamado with the dent in the top to see if it was still there. Well it had another tag on it. Buy today take $50 off. Buy today with new Home Depot charge take $100 off. Wow that would make it $99 so I went to the maiin desk and said I wanted to buy it. They wheeled the grill up to the counter and the girl started the checkout and new account procedure. I already have a Home Depot Charge so I opened one in my son's name which just so happens to be the same as mine. o to make a long story short they also had a prmotion going on today 0% off any puchase of $25 or more so I got another $20 off. Final cost was $79.99 plus tax. I still can't believe it :-D

My friend and his dad used to share a fishing license. They used to be hand writen. They had the same last name and we're born in the same month. One was born in 1962 the other was 1982. . So you could see how that worked

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