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2017 KJBJ lots of pics on page 2)

Baby Back Maniac

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On 2/24/2017 at 8:19 PM, ckreef said:

Got thinking about this. Two companies, two awesome owners. 


Bobby told you to keep your KK and he would send you a BJ. 


Dennis helped you sell your KK even knowing you were going to go KJ. 


Two owners who have full confidence in their products and aren't worried about the competition. 



Good point, Charles. 

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Well, we got it together. You guys were right. it’s WAY easy to put together. If I wasn’t filming part of it, it would have probably taken about 45 minutes to unpack it all and about 5 minutes to put together. lol


Here's some shots of the new firebox divider and top vent. Should keep rain out. The whole thing will slide aside like the daisy wheels but I doubt you’d need that unless you are just going to open it up completely for high heat. The top comes off completely too. 









The new hinge works so well you can lift the lid with a pinky finger. The lid doesn't even weigh enough to compress the gasket so there is a latch to hold it down. It's remarkable how well the counterweight works on this grill.  My fingers want to pull this but it’s a push. I think it’s muscle memory from my KK though I honestly can’t remember whether the KK is a pull or a push.…While I'm on the subject, this latch is not as big as the KK’s, but it still feels nice and beefy. It feels like quality.  




New fiberglass gasket should last a really long time. I thought I heard that they were going to offer a longer warranty, but my documentation says one year. I’m not sure if this is just old documentation or if they changed their minds.  Hopefully it will last forever and be a mute point.




The firebox is modular. This is how it comes. No tools required. It's pretty ingenious in it's simplicity.  It’s not hard to put together in concept, but it required an extra set of hands. 






Mine came with a booboo on the handle. 




Full body shot. 





The cart and side tables seem the same but just seeing them reminds me of what first impressed me about KJ. When they introduced this cart, the other manufactures had crappy carts that were hard to assemble, had tiny casters, were top heavy, and easy to tip over...I had one dealer refuse to sell me his cart because it wasn't strong enough to support the product. (he had pictures of it leaning precariously to one side.) When KJ introduced this cart, they made it out of iron (strong) with bigger casters and a wider wheel base. It takes 3 seconds to assemble (though it takes about 10 minutes to get it out of the packaging material...lol). 


Creating a cart this way seemed innovative at the time, but looking back it was just the right thing to do and it seems insane that nobody else was doing it. 



I just thought this shot looked cool. lol.






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6 minutes ago, ckreef said:

Very very nice. You sound like a really happy camper. Congratulations. 


As for the gasket, it looks similar to the Akorn gasket. Should last a long time and when you think it's dead pinch it all around to rejuvenate it. 



The gasket is steel woven around Fiberglass, isn't the Akorn gasket hollow?  The one Akorn I saw in a store had a hollow gasket.  

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3 minutes ago, ckreef said:

I imagine even if one of those firebox pieces cracked (probably won't happen but you never know)  all they would have to do is send you a replacement piece. That's a whole lot cheaper for KJ then having to send out a whole firebox. I really like the design. 



I assume this FB design is good for KJ. Cheaper to replace FB pieces, and I assume less likely to crack. Changing the shape of the piece has to reduce thermal stress

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