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Smoking a Bone-in Pork Butt today.  Using some peach and Apple to add some amazingness.  This guy is a  little over 4lbs, I usually do my butts small (haha, do butts).  I typically go small so I do not have to wrap and can maximize the amazing crust that can form with a nice rub.  Went with Meatheads Memphis Dust, very good base rub for those who like it on the sweet side (I do!).  I am working on my own rub, but this one is always a good go to.  Using the Akorn Senior, my buddy @Likes Big Butts, coined that, as he owns a Jr as well.  


Here we have a very, very, very liberal coating of Memphis Dust.  With as much as will fall off when I move it to grill, I do not hold anything back here with the application.   16990971_10154064581746534_2093790_o.jpg



Left a nice mess here, the wife always love this.  But it will be worth the eventual payoff!





On to the grill, gonna roll smoke at 275 till done.  Many say white smoke is a bad thing, but for me, with apple or peach I have yet to add too much smoke flavor.  I love these two types of wood and the flavor they add to meats.





Locked in, the Akorn Senior is doing its thing, all for the low price of $260 when I picked it up.




Will post an update once off the grill.  Should be a butt full of moisticity.....(that is not even a word, but love to say it).

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