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Firebox Cracks


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Took these pics last Thurday. have a few cracks starting in my Big Joe firebox. Some are very fine– others, more pronounced. Just posting as a reference so that I can refer back to how long the box remains useful before there is a need to contact KJ for replacement.




At rear of firebox...




same place, different view...




bottom front left.. this pic is looking from rear of Big Joe...

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I don't think it's high temp cooks as much as high temp shutdowns. I do not cook at extremely high temps very often. I have done a few high temp cleanings at the end of cooks. Anyway, I have started to leave the top vent cracked a little when shutting down. Before then, I would just close everything up tight. I'm guessing that contributed to it.

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18 hours ago, Rak73 said:

... My firebox is basically in 22 pieces LOL  


It works just fine, just dont lift it until the new one comes in.




15 minutes ago, Stile 88 said:

You could use refractory cement to fill it in and keep cooking or just keep cooking anyway i had cracks in my firebox like yours and was fine for many years


That's been the plan all along. The advice to lift it is a little concerning. Had never thought of that– and, I like to clean the bottom of the Big Joe from time to time. Most of the cracks are hairline and just started. I'm certain I'll have months and months of cooks on it.

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I found a crack in mine the day after a pizza cook, I did this to it.  The new one is in the garage ready for any emergency need.  This is has working well for nearly 6 months, no sign of failure.





I used SS lock wire, I'll add that the ceramic is much harder than I imagined and it took some time to get all of those holes in in there!

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